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A map of the Resort Area in Silent Hill.

The Resort Area, also known as Resort Silent Hill, is located on the north edge of Toluca Lake and south of Old Silent Hill in Silent Hill. It is located in Paleville.

It is a prime tourist attraction of the town. Notable locales include the Lakeside Amusement Park and the lighthouse. It is a place where tourists usually visit, leaving the residential area alone.

Silent Hill

In Silent Hill, the resort area is accessed after Harry Mason passes through the sewer system to get to the lake, still in pursuit of his daughter. In this area, Harry reunites with Cybil Bennett and meets again with Michael Kaufmann and Dahlia Gillespie, and learns what he must do about Alessa Gillespie.

Kaufmann sidequest


Kaufmann, saved by Harry.

One of the factors that change the ending of the game is whether or not the player chooses to save Michael Kaufmann. This sidequest takes place in the Resort Area and must be completed in order to receive either the Good ending or the Good+ ending. To complete it, Harry must visit the locations below in the following order and perform the required tasks:

  • Annie's Bar: Harry must save Kaufmann from the monster. Find the key and the receipt after he has left.
  • Indian Runner: Enter using the code on the receipt. Open the safe and examine the contents. Find the code in the store.
  • Norman's Motel (a.k.a. Motel Haerbey Inn): Use the key to unlock room 3. Use the code found in Indian Runner to open the back door. Use the magnet found in the back room to get a key for a motorcycle in Room 3. Use the key on the motorcycle in the back room.

Inside the motorcycle's gas chamber is the same red liquid found earlier in the hospital: Aglaophotis. Thus it is confirmed that Kaufmann was keeping the substance and that he has ties to the cult. It can also be inferred that Michael Kaufmann is involved in the drug trade that is often mentioned in the game, evidenced by the note found in Indian Runner, a newspaper clipping found in Norman's Motel, the receipt Kaufmann was carrying, and the contents of the safe.

Other locations

  • Jude's Diner - a diner on Craig St.
  • Mec Burger - Mec Burger seems partly based on McDonald's. It has large, golden arches over the building.
  • East Garage
  • West Garage
  • Things and Stuff - Apparently a souvenir shop.
  • Churros Stand - This is a stand selling churros located behind the two garages, near the lake. Harry passes it on his way to the lighthouse.
  • Docks - Several boats can be seen at the docks.

Silent Hill 2

In Silent Hill 2, James Sunderland explores Lakeview Hotel in the Resort Area.

Silent Hill 3

In Silent Hill 3, Heather Mason explores Lakeside Amusement Park and the chapel in the Resort Area.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Resort area SM

Resort area in Shattered Memories.

In Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, the Resort Area is visited, again, towards the story's finale. As in the original game, Harry Mason enters the area through the town sewer system. This time, however, he intends to use the boats docked behind the amusement park to reach the Lighthouse, where he believes his daughter can be found.

This iteration of the tourist center also contains many outlets, some of which have made an appearance in previous games:

  • Lakeside Amusement Park
  • The Indian Runner
  • The Weekend Aster Outdoor Clothing Emporium
  • The Cobo Bistro
  • Freshwater Café
  • Lakefront Souvenirs
  • Annie's Bar



Bowling ad in the Resort area.

  • In the Resort Area, there is a Norman's Motel, a possible reference to Norman Bates, the owner of the "Bates Motel" in the movie Psycho.[citation needed]
  • It is here that Harry first identifies the nightmarish shift as the Otherworld takes over.
  • In the Resort Area, near the sewers that lead to the Amusement Park, there is a bowling advertisement, the same James Sunderland sees on the fence near Pete's Bowl-O-Rama.
  • The Resort Area has an area labeled South Park, a possible reference to the cartoon show of the same name.


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