Replacement Bulb
Cinema verite replacement bulb
If you need a replacement, this is the bulb for you
"For use in a movie projector."
Used to fix the movie projector.
Movie Theater, in the poster storage room at the back of the theater (Easy)
On the shelf behind the counter in the hardware store to the east of the monastery (Normal/Hard).
Silent Hill: Downpour

The Replacement Bulb is an item required for the "Cinéma Vérité" sidequest in Silent Hill: Downpour. Murphy Pendleton must find the bulb to fix the projector in the Chastain Heights Cinema before he can play any of the film reels that make up the sidequest. Depending on the puzzle difficulty, the bulb can be found in one of two locations.


There are two different locations it can be in, dependent on difficulty:

  • On Easy mode, the bulb can be found in the poster storage room located at the back of the cinema.
  • On Normal and Hard mode, the bulb can be found on a shelf behind the counter in the hardware store located east of St. Maria's Monastery.


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