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Puppet Nurse
A Puppet Nurse wielding a knife.
Silent Hill
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Alchemilla Hospital
Attack methods

Puppet Nurses are monsters in Silent Hill. They are real nurses that have been possessed, caught in the Otherworld.[1] They also have a male counterpart called Puppet Doctors. They are found in Alchemilla Hospital and Nowhere.


The most distinguishing feature of the Puppet Nurse is the large, slug-like parasite that grows out of their backs, causing them to hunch forward when they walk. The parasite itself is portrayed as a separate living entity, as it can be seen moving independently from the nurse's movements, and usually dies shortly after its host body dies. The parasite that controls the Nurses is the same type that controls Cybil Bennett after she becomes possessed. Puppet Nurses can be seen with blue or green attire, as well as different hair colors.


The nurses wield scalpels as weapons, wandering the hospital with sluggish, slow movements all the while voicing repulsive, groaning noises; this dismal moaning becomes even more intense when attacked and killed. They sometimes cooperate; a Puppet Nurse may grapple Harry Mason while another one stabs Harry with a knife. This cooperation is a common characteristic among parasitic hosts, even in the real world. When the Nurses are knocked down by a strong blow such as the hammer, they will flail and struggle on the ground wildly before going limp.

If combat is unavoidable, it is best to either utilize the handgun or the hammer since one or two hits from the latter should defeat them (three if on hard). If the player is yet to obtain the hammer, the handgun is rather more effective than the pipe, since the nurses can still hurt you considerably when attacking due to the speed of their swipes and their tendency to attack in groups. With the handgun it should only take 6-8 shots to cripple them allowing the player to deliver the death blow. Handling the nurses in a group can be tricky, but it can be made easier by following these guidelines:

  • If a nurse grabs Harry, immediately press either square or x repeatedly before the other nurse stabs Harry. If done correctly Harry will push both of them away simultaneously, giving room to attack. If done correctly, this tactic is useful since Harry won't take damage if grabbed.
Puppet Nurse hammer

The hammer is a good choice against nurses.

  • Do not be hesitant to use the hammer for ammo conservation, even though it is slower to swing than the pipe. It boasts tremendously more damage output. Also it takes a little longer for the nurses to charge their attack (about 2 seconds longer than Harry's charge), giving Harry the advantage over speed and can get by without injuries


The nurses represent Alessa Gillespie's fear and hatred of nurses, seeing as they were always around her when she was admitted to Alchemilla Hospital after her serious injuries.

Although they weren't necessarily members themselves, they were acting as puppets of the Order by keeping her alive, further attributing to their name and symbolism of their monstrous forms. The parasite may be representative of Alessa's feeling toward God within her, or may yet be products of God itself attacking the townspeople, as Aglaophotis is effective against them.


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