Psy Report

Psychological Report found in the mayor's office.

The Psychological Report in Silent Hill: Downpour is found by Murphy Pendleton in a desk drawer of the mayor's office on the second floor archives section of the Centennial Building. This is most likely a psychological report on the convicted child killer and abuser Patrick Napier.


Ryall State Prison

From: Dr. Wayne Sara

To: Warden Glen Milton

Subject name: ________________

Subject: Psychological Evaluation - Probationary Hearing Prelim _______________ is a male, 43 years old. He is serving a __ -year sentence for multiple felony accounts, including third-degree murder and sexual assault of a child below the age of 14. He appears to be in satisfactory physical health. The prisoner is currently being considered for probation.

After multiple sessions with the prisoner, I have concluded he does not suffer from any psychotic or physical disorders. Rather, he has shown continually to have an inordinate interest in young children and manifests significant predatory traits. As a result, I feel he poses an imminent danger to the community should he be released from custody, and is therefore a poor candidate for probation.

Dr. Wayne Sara

Chief Psychiatrist

Ryall State Prison


  • It is believed that the report may not be on Napier, due to the report stating that the the prisoner's health is "satisfactory", when considered against Napier's overweight appearance. It is likely that the report is on Napier, as physical health and fitness are considered separate, and that physical health might be defined as the resistance to illnesses, the capacity of the person's immune system, but even within the confines of physical health, it is not just "the absence of disease or infirmity".
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