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Prisoner Juggernaut
The Prisoner Juggernaut, delivering a punch
Other names
Silent Hill: Downpour
Other appearances
Overlook Penitentiary
Attack methods
Charging, punching

The Prisoner Juggernaut is a big, muscular monster that is seen in Silent Hill: Downpour. In the first encounter with this monster in Overlook Penitentiary, it is seen ripping off a metal gate so that it can engage Murphy Pendleton. In addition to being encountered in standard monster fights, they can reach through cell bars to grab Murphy as he passes. They are dominant to the smaller Prisoner Minion; on one occasion, a Prison Juggernaut leads two Minions around on meat hook "leashes" like dogs.


Juggernauts look very similar to the smaller Minions, appearing as pale-skinned humans with tattoos covering their bodies and their faces twisted into permanent grins. They lack the metal contraptions of the Minions, but are instead wrapped tightly in barbed wire in several places around their body such as wrapped loosely around their midsections and tightly around their arms. It appears that this barbed wire is threaded into their faces as well, keeping their expression frozen and leaving deep indentations in their flesh. True to their name, Juggernauts are huge and inhumanly strong, with incredibly built physiques.


The Juggernaut only appears in scripted encounters toward the end of the game in Overlook Penitentiary. This imposing enemy uses his devastating charge attack to get into melee range; then he follows up with a series of powerful strikes. Juggernauts also have an enormous amount of stamina, able to absorb huge amounts of punishment from melee strikes and firearms alike. They also frequently ignore blows, shrugging them off and following through with their viscous attacks.

When facing a Juggernaut, it's generally best to dodge his charge. Land a few hits while the enemy turns to face Murphy, then use basic melee tactics; block the Juggernaut's strikes and counterattack upon finding an opening. However, the Juggernaut is one of the monsters that the player is advised to flee from or use a firearm on.


The Juggernaut could represent Murphy's fear of the other inmates, or even the inmates themselves, as many, if not all of said inmates could kill or attack Murphy without a second thought while he was in Ryall State Prison. The fact that they appear to have what look like tattoos, which inmates are known to have, or prisoner identification numbers on their bodies seems to support this.

Both variations of the Prisoner monsters may represent elements of Murphy's personality that have changed due to his time in prison. The Juggernaut specifically represents a fear Murphy may have developed of himself, and the crimes he had committed. It shows a change in his self-image to something more monstrous, and his aversion to them is symbolic of his pent up remorse for his crimes.

Their apparent power and superiority could also be a part of their symbolism, as there are cons in every prison who swing some weight by striking deals with other inmates, or with corrupt guards such as George Sewell, in exchange for protection or special favors (e.g. Sewell allowing Pendleton access to Patrick Napier in the sequestered prison shower) which could be symbolised by their pervasiveness, their ability to rip cell doors off hinges, and especially the scene where one Juggernaut is literally holding two Prisoner Minions on a leash.


  • Killing or incapacitating 10 Prisoner Juggernauts unlocks the Achievement/Trophy "The Bigger They Are...".
  • The placeholder names for both the Prisoner Juggernauts and the Prisoner Minions was "Angry Inmate" before official information about them surfaced.
  • The Juggernaut is voiced by Martini Skipp.[1]
  • In Overlook Penitentiary, while chasing Murphy, the Prisoner Juggernaut grabs an electrical wire, which shocks it and makes it fall to it's death. Funny enough, the action looked quite purposeful.


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