The police report

The Police Report (Origins) is a report that Travis Grady finds in the Otherworld version of Cedar Grove Sanitarium in Silent Hill: Origins. It is located in the first floor laundry room. The report is the police response to Helen Grady's attempt to kill both her son Travis and herself.


"Attending Officer's Report
11/4/1959, No: VA545-10

When I arrived at the ______
house, the ambulance was already
at the scene. The neighbor Mr.
Bryant (who first called in the
incident) had restrained Mrs.
___________ and the paramedics were
tending to the child. The husband,
Mr. _______, had not yet arrived
back from his place of work.

Thanks to Bryant's intervention,
the gas had been turned off and
the house ventilated - however,
there was still a strong smell
and I deemed it necessary to call
the fire department as a precaution.

It appeared that Mrs. _____ had
attempted to gas herself and her
child. When I spoke to the suspect,
Mrs. _______. she was uncooperative
and seemed enraged. She demanded I
release her so she could "kill the
devil child". She was clearly not
in control of her mind. Mr. Bryant
commented that several times in
the previous weeks, he had heard
loud arguments and screams from
the house. He said 'Helen has not
been well for a while.'"
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