Playground swingset

The swing where the message can be obtained.

Playground is an echo message in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories that Harry Mason can receive after photographing the ghost at the swing in the Alice Darling Memorial Playground. It is a voice-mail of a sad or scared Cheryl Mason speaking to her father.

The message may be different, according to the player's Psych Profile.


Variation 1:

Daddy, I need you.

Variation 2:

Daddy, I'm hurt!

Variation 3:

Daddy... Where are you?

Variation 4:

Daddy, help me.


  • If the player is going for the "Love Lost" or "Drunk Dad" ending, Variation 1 will most likely be the message. If the player is going for "Sleaze and Sirens" ending, Variation 2 will mostly likely be the message. If the player is going for "Wicked and Weak" ending, Variation 4 will most likely be the message.
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