Plastic heart

Plastic Heart.

Plastic intestine

Plastic Intestine.

Plastic liver

Plastic Liver.

Plastic lungs

Plastic Lungs.

Plastic stomach

Plastic Stomach.

The Plastic Organs are key items found in Silent Hill: Origins. Instructional mock-ups of human organs, these items are integral to the completion of the Anatomy Puzzle, found inside the exam room on the first floor of Alchemilla Hospital.

Plastic Heart

The Plastic Heart is locked inside a medical box located in room 204. A code must be entered into a keypad to unlock the box. As Travis Grady explores the hospital, three names and numbers are found; these numbers, when ordered from largest to smallest, produce the combination required. The code to the box is 312319, as hinted in a memo Travis finds attached to the box.

Before the item is retrieved from the box, a heartbeat can be heard.

Plastic Intestine

The Plastic Intestine can be found inside the sink in the exam room.

Plastic Stomach

The Plastic Stomach can be found in a sink adjacent to the one that holds the plastic intestine in the exam room.

Plastic Liver

The Plastic Liver can be found in the Otherworld iteration of the first floor women's restroom, floating inside the water cistern of one of the toilets. The lid must be removed to retrieve the liver.

Plastic Lungs

The Plastic Lungs can be found inside a box in the Otherworld iteration of room 205.

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