Pigtails is a series of echo messages in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories that Harry Mason can receive. They vary according to the player's Psych Profile.

Pigtails transcript

The voice-mail is obtained after photographing the ghost on the sofa of the first floor of the Cat House club.

Variation 1:

Man: I'm sorry, I'm sorry I was... I was so angry. I wanted it to be just so perfect, you know. I guess seeing the wig kind of killed the moment. You almost had it.

Variation 2:

Man: You damn whore. It's just a wig! You're old enough to be my wife! You ain't a schoolgirl, you're old meat! Disgusting!

Variation 3:

Man: Sorry I hit you. I guess I was just mad at myself. You look so much like my daughter. Just put the wig back on and, uh, let's go upstairs.

"Daddy's girl" transcript

The voice-mail is obtained while approaching the blue car on the parking lot of the Midwich High School.

Variation 1:

Man: Look at you. Aren't you just about the most perfect schoolgirl there ever was? With those pigtails, I doubt there's any little girl in the world quite as perfect as you.

Variation 2:

Man: You all ready for school? Hey, look at me when I'm talking. Daddy's little princess. You look so cute with your pigtails. All the boys in your class must be so distracted. Okay, you can run off now. See you tonight.

Variation 3:

Man: You got all your books? Your lunch? Good. How come you changed your hair? The other girls tell you to do your hair like that? I thought you looked great with pigtails. Okay, honey, you have a nice day.
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