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A photo left behind by Josh

Photos are clues that can be collected in Silent Hill: Homecoming. They are taken by Joshua Shepherd with a Polaroid camera and left behind in key areas and sometimes hidden away. There are a total of 11 photos in the duration of the game.

Their purpose is to provide a background to the people and the story involved in what has befallen Shepherd's Glen. As well as Alex Shepherd's description, Joshua also writes notes at the bottom of the photo. For instance, the photo Alex finds of Nora Holloway reveals Nora's fondness of books, her and Joshua's opinion of the characters, as well as the connection Nora has to Asphyxia's design.


  1. Alchemilla Hospital (Otherworld), on a gurney that the blocks the door to the lower-right of the linen room. Features a picture of Robbie the Rabbit.
  2. Shepherd's Glen Town Hall, Central Room, podium. Features Lillian Shepherd and Judge Holloway conversing at the Shepherd residence.
  3. Shepherds Glen Park, on the ground behind the Slide Shows one of Josh's toy spiders looming over a plastic soldier and vehicle.
  4. Shepherd House, backyard, backpack hanging on the fence. An image of a skinned animal from Adam Shepherd's hunting room.
  5. Grand Hotel, 3rd Floor, on the door behind the painting that leads to room 206. In the picture, Joey Bartlett is seen in the Shepherds' treehouse.
  6. Shepherd's Glen Police Station, behind the door the the Schism breaks out of after the cutscene with Wheeler. This image is obscured with other papers and shows Adam and Deputy Wheeler talking together.
  7. Sewers of Shepherd's Glen, in a small alcove after the main drain chamber. It is located on the ground between two pipes, and shows Nora Holloway on the Town Hall steps.
  8. Dr. Fitch's Office, in the backroom on the counter. It is the same room with numerous dolls, and even the picture itself is of Scarlet Fitch with her dolls.
  9. Shepherd's Glen, on the ground in front of the Missing Persons Billboard (can be found during the Town Hall chapter). It is imperative for the player to go through the parking lot of Rose Heights Cemetery in order to reach te picture by this point in the game. Features Curtis Ackers outside of his junkyard.
  10. Shepherd Family House Attic, on the box to the right. Expresses Alex Shepherd gasping in surprise, and is the same picture that is taken in the "Surprise!" ending.
  11. Church of the Holy Way, East wing, in the bloodied baptism font. Shows a dead-looking Joshua taking a self-portrait at a mirror.


  • Collecting all the photos in the Xbox 360 version of the game gives you the achievement Josh's Gallery.
  • Alex's picture is collected before it was actually taken by Joshua at the end of the game.

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