The patients record found in the reception office.

The Patients Records is found in the reception office on the first floor of Brookhaven Hospital in Silent Hill 2. The records relate to three patients of the hospital, all with mental and instability issues.


All three of these patients have striking similarities to three of the main characters in the game. Jack Davis is very similar to Angela Orosco, Joshua Lewis is similar to Eddie Dombrowski and Joseph Barkin shares similar traits to James Sunderland. However, another theory says that all three notes refer solely to James, since all begin with the letter J. Jack represents the part of James who is normally a model person, yet also has suicidal feelings. Joseph represents the part of James who feels guilt and regret for killing Mary Shepherd-Sunderland and the delusions James is immersed in. Joshua represents the part of James who feels he needs to be persecuted and also represents his violent self (i.e. the act of killing).


"[Jack Davis]

He has attempted suicide three
times in the past for reasons
unknown. Although he is normally
a model patient who follows
doctor's and nurse's orders, he
must be watched closely due to
his past pattern of sudden and
violent suicide attempts.

[Joseph Barkin]

His illness seems to be rooted in
the fact that he believes he is
guilty of his daughter's
death. His symptoms suggest a
psychotic break and paranoid
delusions. Normally calm, but has
a tendency towards violence when

[Joshua Lewis]

History of hospitalization as well
as numerous assault, battery and
other violent offenses. He has a
strong persecution complex and
a tendency to solve things
through violence. Extreme caution
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