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Paradise in the Order's mythology.
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Paradise is a concept of relative prominence mentioned numerous times throughout the Silent Hill series. It is one of the central beliefs of the local religious organization known as the Order.


She will usher in the eternal Paradise. A place with no pain. No hunger, no sickness, no old age. There will be no greed or war and all will live by God's grace alone.
—Claudia Wolf to Douglas Cartland

The concept of an idyllic plane of existence is first touched upon by Dahlia Gillespie, who believes that the revival of her religion's deity will bring about the creation of what she believes to be Paradise, and will only be accomplished through the complete destruction of humanity. There are myths in the Order's past which expound upon the idea of Paradise as being a gift to humanity from the Order's god, though these same myths say she died while attempting to create this place of eternal happiness. Though she had died, before her death she made a promise that she would return one day.

Certain members of the Order believe the return of God will mean the establishment of Paradise. In Silent Hill 3, Paradise is trying to be fulfilled yet again by Claudia Wolf by using Heather Mason, who has God in her womb, but fails depending on how you complete the game. If the player attempts to attack Claudia or fails to use Heather's Aglaophotis, Heather births God and becomes a sacrifice in the process.

Visions of Paradise may differ from person to person, with those ideas of an ideal place colored by their view of the world. Claudia Wolf, for example, believes paradise to be a peaceful place where all walks of life will be delivered along with no war, illness, or old age, while her father Leonard believes the Order's god will only open Paradise to those who have maintained faith.


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