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On Memory is a series of memos that can be found in Silent Hill: Book of Memories.


Note #5

Ever had a friend remember a shared event entirely
differently than you remember it? When a memory is
"deleted" from the human brain, it does not
completely disappear. It leaves behind Memory Residue.

From this "MR", new memories can be formed; not the
usual way -- by experiencing outside stimuli -- but
by repurposing the MR into a new, changed memory.

Note #83

One theory behind supposed ghost-sightings is that they are not ghosts at all, but fragments of memory. Certain locations are very sensitive to negative energy. If a strong or traumatic event takes place, its memory can "echo", and leave a sort of phantom behind.

Note #84

When one area is host to a number of traumatic events, the effect becomes stronger--potentially spilling over into other, completely separate memories. Objects related to such a location can even "carry" these vibrations from place to place, spreading negative energy from person to person over a great distance.

Note #85

The human mind is a peculiar thing, holding the ability to revise behavior, opinion, and even memory to conform to a perceived "truth". For example, multiple eye-witnesses to a crime may remember the suspect's features (height, weight, hair-color, etc.) entirely differently.

So, if even memory is perfectly malleable, how objective could truth ever be?

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