An old newspaper on a park bench.

The Old Newspaper is a memo found in Silent Hill: Homecoming on the park bench in Shepherd's Glen and also in the reception room of the Toluca Lake Offices in Silent Hill. The newspaper clipping details the story of a murderer and his execution. Prior to examining the newspaper, children can be heard singing the last line to "Ring Around the Rosie", which is speculated to be about the Bubonic Plague.

The actions of the murderer is similar to Walter Sullivan in Silent Hill 4: The Room.


Paul Russell Douglas was executed for the murder of 8 children in and around Silent Hill and Shepherd's Glen areas, according to court records. He offered no resistance as he was arrested and strapped into the electric chair as officials, witnesses and reporters watched.
"This execution is not going to stop anything." Douglas said. "I've worked and waited for this day. All that's left is to rejoin my lord."
After preparations were completed, Douglas received a sudden blast of electrical current, followed by a two minute stream that jolted him back in the chair. Medical officials pronounced him dead at 2:09pm.
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