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O.R.T. is a song from Silent Hill: Origins. It is track 11 of the game's soundtrack and was composed by Akira Yamaoka with vocals by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. It plays in the beginning of the game when Travis Grady chats with a fellow trucker, and again when he chases Alessa Gillespie through the fog.

The album version is slightly different from the one heard in-game.


Is it lonely where you are in there, Dad?
Does the darkness know your name?
Does Mom?
What's it like?

Can you feel?
She said her blood turns to ash
Dad, do you know what you've done this time to me?

Burning eyes can't forgive you
Lonely moon drives on
And deep in me
Your illusion
What you see in me is

Did you have that dream again?
You're receiving what you said
Said she
Never mind
Emptiness, dead eyes and lost what you found

Maybe there on the edge is your hope
But you don't look down

Burning eyes can't forgive you
Lonely moon drives on
And deep in me
Your illusion
What you see in me


  • O.R.T. stands for Oral Rehydration Therapy, a treatment used to deal with any number of illnesses due to dehydration, and may even be administered for those with severe burns. It is probable that Alessa would have been subjected to this treatment after her burning, and the fact that this song plays and ends just before discovering her burning home might be foreshadowing of what she has to endure.
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