Nurse Uniform
Nurse's uniform
A nurse's uniform
"Clothes found in Eileen's room."
Alternate costume for Eileen
Room 303, Apartment World 2nd time (conditions must be met)
Silent Hill 4: The Room

The Nurse Uniform is a secret item that can be obtained in Silent Hill 4: The Room. The uniform is Eileen Galvin's alternate costume and only available after two conditions are met:

  1. An ending where Eileen survived (Escape or Mother) must have been achieved in a previous game.
  2. The player must be playing a New Fear game.

After both conditions are met, Henry Townshend can find the nurse uniform inside of Eileen's apartment during his second visit to the Apartment World and Room 303. In Room 303, it will be lying on a chair beside the TV, and should be picked up before activating the scene with Eileen. In order to have Eileen wear the costume, however, the nurse costume must be in Henry's inventory through the end of the game in addition to, again, achieving an ending where Eileen survives. Essentially, Eileen can be seen wearing the costume during a third playthrough at the earliest. It also does not replace her casual outfit, and only appears in the peephole during the one scene where Eileen is briefly seen leaving for her friend's party.

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