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Harry Mason about to enter Nowhere.

Nowhere is a strange location which Harry Mason explores near the end of the first Silent Hill; in which Heather Mason re-visits her childhood room from Silent Hill in the church at the end of Silent Hill 3; and where Travis Grady is drawn into near the end of Silent Hill: Origins. It is a realm of manifested memories.

Due to the nature of its location, the compressed environments and its proximity to the end of both Travis and Harry's journeys, it could be considered the center of their respective Otherworld. This is presumably due to their being physically closer to Alessa Gillespie, who is ultimately the cause of the Otherworld.

Silent Hill

Nowhere appears as a unique part of the Otherworld, condensing various locations of the game into one smaller environment, and is linked to a few of the main hallways resembling those of Alchemilla Hospital. Harry wakes up here after he uses the Flauros on Alessa, and he meets up once again with Lisa Garland. He must proceed through many puzzles and witness many astral projections. Finally, he meets with Dahlia Gillespie, who is ready to finish the ritual needed to resurrect God. This is also the stage where the final boss fight against the Incubator or Incubus takes place.

There is no map for the entire area. Despite what the elevator buttons say, there are only three floors here. The first floor (which Harry enters through the elevator), the basement and the third floor. When Harry presses the elevator's second floor button, it will transport him to another area on the same floor. The elevator where Harry begins the level does not work, and the elevator at the end of the jewelry store's hallway cannot be used either, but he will be transported there if he uses the Hagith elevator and tries to get to the second floor.

Two important areas that Harry must traverse are the main hall and the Phaleg hall, which extends from it. These halls are home to several locked doors which require a special key to access them. These are:

Main Hall


Harry standing before a dead Puppet Nurse.

  • Bird Cage Room: This room is located next to the Phaleg door, and contains a bird cage with the Key of Phaleg in it. To open the bird cage, Harry must complete the Light Puzzle.
  • Bathroom: This is located across from the Phaleg door. Inside, Harry finds some Puppet Nurse and the Key of Ophiel stuck in the drain. He needs the pliers to remove the key.
  • Antique Shop: This is modeled off of Green Lion Antiques and contains a save notepad and a clock. Harry needs the Stone of Time to get the Key of Hagith.
  • Jewelry Shop Hallway: The door next to the antique shop door leads to a hall containing a room modeled after Kazanian Jewelry. Inside, Harry finds the Ring of Contract and the Crest of Mercury. The large double doors in the hall lead to another hallway, which also connects to the main hallway. Harry can unlock this door from the inside.
  • Hallway 2: This hallway can be accessed from the jewelry shop hallway and unlocked from the inside. It has two rooms that Harry can enter; one contains the camera, needed for the Light Puzzle on the third floor, and the other contains the Key of Aratron.
  • Basement: This leads Harry to the basement, where he finds a classroom with a desk and another room containing a screwdriver and pliers.
  • Hagith: This is unlocked with the Key of Hagith and leads to an elevator. Pressing the second floor button brings Harry to the hallway with the jewelry shop. The third floor button brings him to the third floor, where he can find the Light Puzzle.

Phaleg Hall

This hallway is modeled after the hidden hospital basement area. It contains the following rooms:


Harry being attacked in the kitchen.

  • Kitchen: This is modeled after the hospital kitchen, but here Harry must use the Ring of Contract on the refrigerator to obtain the Dagger of Melchior. Otherwise, he will be killed by a Bloodsucker.
  • Bethor room: Harry unlocks this room with the Key of Bethor. It contains a generator, much like the generator room in the hospital's basement. Turning the generator off allows Harry to obtain the Key of Aratron with the screwdriver.
  • Storage room: This is also modeled after the hospital storage room. On the shelf, Harry finds a package of jelly beans, in which he finds the Key of Bethor. It contains another door leading to a room with a bed, TV, and VCR. Harry can watch the video tape there.
  • Graffiti Room: This room has an apparition of Alessa and the walls are covered in writing. Harry finds the Ankh here.
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A flashback scene of Dahlia and Alessa with the Order's affiliate Kaufmann and two other doctors.

  • Aratron: This leads to a room where Harry sees a flashback of Dahlia, Michael Kaufmann, Alessa, and two doctors. It is modeled after Alessa's hospital room in the basement. It is unlocked with the Key of Aratron. Harry finds the Disk of Ouroboros here.

Alessa's door.

  • Alessa's Room: This is Alessa's bedroom. Harry must place the Disk of Ouroboros, Crest of Mercury, Amulet of Solomon, Ankh, and the Dagger of Melchior into the holes in the door to access the end of the game: an upstairs hallway of the Gillespie House, where Harry witnesses a flashback of Dahlia and Alessa, and a stairway leading to the final area.

Ophiel Hallway

The Ophiel door, opened with the Key of Ophiel, leads to another hallway.

  • The only door that can be entered on the left contains the Zodiac Puzzle, which allows Harry to obtain the Stone of Time.
  • Morgue: Once Harry completes the Grim Reaper's List Puzzle, he can enter the area with the double doors. The second room is the morgue, where Harry finds the Amulet of Solomon. Upon leaving this room, Harry meets Lisa one last time. After her transformation, Harry flees out into the hallway. If he returns afterwards, he can find Lisa's diary.

Third floor

After gaining access to the elevator through the Hagith door, Harry can go to the third floor. Trying to go to the second floor just brings Harry to the other side of the hallway, to the area with the jewelry shop. The third floor contains an altar, much like the one in the hidden room of Green Lion Antiques, where Harry sees a kneeling apparition of Alessa and two paintings. He must use the camera to complete the Light Puzzle to get the combinations for the two doors. One room contains the bird cage key and the other contains health items, as well as the White Claudia article and the fire article (PAL and Japanese versions only).

Silent Hill 3

Main article: Chapel

In the Otherworld version of the church, Heather Mason visits her childhood bedroom with her dress hanging on the wall and her books and toys stored neatly. If Heather examines the dress, she remarks on how she remembers wearing it.

She also visits Claudia Wolf's and Vincent Smith's rooms.

One of the rooms resembles a chapel, with three religious paintings on the walls, one of which is entitled "Mother of God; Daughter of God".

Another room resembles a classroom from Midwich Elementary School, but the appearance of the room is very distorted, which could hint at the fact that Alessa hated going to school because she was teased and bullied by her peers.

In one hallway, a door is hidden behind a painting of an angel. The sounds of a girl crying and footsteps can be heard in the hallway, and visible footprints can be seen walking towards the painting. However, what is making them cannot be seen.

Silent Hill: Origins

Child's map

Map of Nowhere.

In Silent Hill: Origins, after Travis Grady sneaks into Green Lion Antiques and tries to interrupt the ritual being conducted by members of the Order, he is gassed by Dr. Michael Kaufmann in an attempt to subdue him and end his involvement in the matter.

As Travis lingers between sleep and wakefulness, the world around him transforms, not into the Otherworld he has experienced numerous times, but a place altogether different: Nowhere. Here, the Flauros releases Alessa's Dream, whom Travis must fight. When the demon is defeated, it is imprisoned within the Flauros once again, and the world around Travis shifts back to normal.


  • The names "Phaleg", "Ophiel", "Hagith", "Bethor", and "Aratron" refer to five of the seven Olympian spirits, which are often referenced in the occult.
  • Three photos that appear in Alessa's room and in Examination Room of the Otherworld Hospital are the same.
  • The underground labyrinth that appears in Silent Hill 2 is an area which exists only in the Otherworld and which is a compression of James, Angela and Eddie's subconscious, making it really similar to Nowhere.
  • In Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, after the player enters the Green Lion Pawn Shop, Harry will enter Dahlia Mason's room and, shortly after Dahlia reveals to Harry that they are married, Harry will be plunged into a Nowhere-like area which also takes the form of a labyrinth.
  • P.T.'s main location is a never-ending hallway from which it is apparently impossible to escape. Much like Nowhere, the area seems to be a pure creation of the Otherworld, as it is a series of loops always bringing the player back to where he came from.


Silent Hill

Silent Hill 3

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