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Nora Holloway
Nora reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
15 (born 1992)

Cause of death
Hair color
Eye color
Silent Hill: Homecoming

Voice actor
Nora is always reading that book. She likes the caterpillar... I like the cat.
—Joshua Shepherd

Nora Holloway was the daughter of Margaret Holloway and the sister of Elle mentioned in Silent Hill: Homecoming.

She, her mother, and her sister were descendants of one of the town's four founding families. As decreed by the pact made with the Order's demonic God to protect Shepherd's Glen from the curse of Silent Hill, Nora is sacrificed via suffocation to appease the God. Later in the game, after Alex shows Judge Holloway Nora's locket, her memories of Nora manifest into Asphyxia.

Judge Holloway is the only parent to not regret murdering her child, and even attempts to murder her other daughter, Elle, after she refuses to tolerate her plans.


From a young age, Nora was an avid student and reader, constantly reading her favorite book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Stated in Joshua Shepherd's photo, she apparently loved the Caterpillar while he himself preferred the Cheshire Cat.

Nora's Diaries

An unused memo is present in Homecoming's files. It reveals Nora's dissatisfaction with her parents.

Tuesday, January 5th

I made first chair flute today. I was so excited.
When I got home I told Mom and Dad right away.
But they didn't care.
Dad went back into the garage to do whatever and Mom told me she expected nothing less.

Like she could beat Casey for first chair that easily. It doesn't matter.
It's never good enough. I wish I could be like Elle --
able to do whatever I want and get away with it.
And Mom admires her for it. It's not fair.


  • In Joshua's photo of Nora, she appears very similar to Laura from Silent Hill 2, even having similar clothing.
  • This makes sense because Elle was originally supposed to be an older version of Laura from Silent Hill 2, and was even supposed to wear James's jacket in the boat ride to Silent Hill. However, this idea was scrapped.[1]


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