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Michael J. Bassett is a British writer and director hired to create Silent Hill: Revelation.


Bassett was originally more interested in animals than filming, attending school for a zoology degree. He began work as a wildlife photographer, then moved on to presenting science and nature segments on Get Fresh. He later realized his love for filmmaking, and went on to write Deathwatch, which he stubbornly demanded for him to be allowed to direct. The studio gave in, and Bassett helmed the film. After this, he directed the films Wilderness, Solomon Kane, and Silent Hill: Revelation.

Silent Hill: Revelation

Originally, Silent Hill: Revelation was set to be written by Roger Avary. After charges of vehicular manslaughter, Avary was removed from the film, and the script was passed around. Bassett eventually got wind of the project, and asked to be attached. He rewrote Avary's script and was given the role of director.

Before filming, Bassett posted blog entries asking for fan opinions of eligible actresses for Heather Mason and Claudia Wolf, Revelation's primary protagonist and antagonist. Bassett used his blog to keep fans informed of the film's progress and promotion.

After the release of the film, Bassett apologized to fans disappointed with the film on his blog and has remained uninvolved in the Silent Hill series since then.

In an interview years after the release of Revelation, Bassett spoke about his feelings towards the film. He said it felt more like a collaboration and didn't have complete control, but since he wrote and directed it, admits many aspects of its failings are also his. He felt like he had to satisfy either the gamers or the audience and that it felt impossible to do both. He said shooting in 3D was a pain, and he felt obligated to claim it was a great movie for the press, but in the back of his mind, he didn't wholeheartedly agree. He wished he stood up for his vision of the movie and for the fans, and for a more personal, tense, sexual, and less accessible for non-fans. He regretted trying to tie the game and film canons together, as it created contradictions and retcons. He apologized, saying he was very sorry to everyone who did not like the movie.[1]

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