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  • Just wanted to address your comments on "weakness", because I didn’t just ignore it. I’ve been thinking on it. Wasn’t sure where I should post this... Forum seemed inappropriate, hopefully this works...(?) Please let me know if I should be posting elsewhere.

    First off, I want to address “strength”. I believe our society has a poor definition of this. To me strength is not Gear-of-War-style steroid-fueled masculinity where the MEN only have two emotions: neutral grimace and angry (nothing against Gears of War, I own it and I enjoyed it; also I understand that they show other emotions, I’m just using it to epitomize the “unbound ‘masculinity’ equal strength” paradigm). To me strength is standing up for something that’s important to you when it’s needed (like when your town is overrun by monsters; which, from the diaries, Elle appears to do, but this isn't seen in the game). I’m more of a passive person myself, but I don’t consider myself to be weak; when the need arises I will do and have done what I need/ed to do. I suspect you would do the same; if not, that’s ok too.

    Now this type of strength, I believe, should be something we should all pursue. That said, I do not see weakness (defining “weak” as the opposite of what I “strength” to be) as necessarily being bad. Someone who is “weak” is not actively helping the things that run counter to their beliefs, but they aren’t helping their beliefs either. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t good either.

    All of that said: After thinking on your comments, I now believe that I made a poor assessment on the character of Elle. She really isn’t weak, in my opinion, but this discussion may be irrelevant. My real issue with her may have been that she was inconsequential and not a fleshed-out character; I may have simply misdiagnosed this under a damsel in distress stereotype.

    I was thinking on other Silent Hill characters, namely, Angela Orosco. I never felt she was a weak character, even though she probably succumbs to her demons, she doesn’t fight her “father” and seeks suicide. I always saw her as simply a tragically and understandably broken person; I think it would be a very rare person who could go through such atrocious things and come out ok. Although she did show some tragic power in killing her father and brother…

    Maybe it’s because I feel she showed strength in killing them; maybe it’s because she was broken and could have been a strong person in better circumstances; or maybe it’s because I thought the writing was good for Angela, but not Elle. I’m no longer sure why I have a problem with Elle (especially after comparisons).

    I’m also reevaluating my stance on “strength” and “weakness”. Perhaps, in the vein of what you said, variety is good in characters and real life…

    I really don’t know, but I wanted to acknowledge your comments and let you know that I have been thinking on it.

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    • Thank you. This makes me really happy! I love knowing that I make people think, even if they don't change their mind. You can keep on disliking Elle is a character - I don't want you to think that you can't have an opinion. And honestly, I can agree that Elle wasn't as good of a character as she could have been - while I love Homecoming to death, an unfortunate phrase I find myself saying is "that could have been better". But stregnth comes in many different forms. And so does weakness. Being strong/weak manifests itself in many different ways, each individual to the own person. And I think, if we do truly want to classify games as art, it must reflect real life, as all art does. So, in that vein, I think variety is neccessary. But if you analyze it and disagree, that's okay! Discussion is meant to make one think, not to make everyone feel the same about a subject. Once again, thank you so much! This seriously made my day.

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