M. Koons
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Koons driving the bus

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Ryall State bus driver
Silent Hill: Downpour
Anne's Story

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Buckle up and get cozy. We got a long ride ahead of us.
—Koons to the prisoners before departing on the bus.

M. Koons was the bus driver for Ryall State Prison in Silent Hill: Downpour.

Silent Hill: Downpour

He makes his only appearance at the beginning of the game while driving the prisoner transport bus. Along the way, Sanchez starts to ask Murphy Pendleton a question, and Anne Marie Cunningham yells at them to stop talking. Koons turns around momentarily to look at the commotion, and turns back around to discover the road ending at a cliff. Panicked, he swerves the bus, causing it to roll over and tumble down off the cliff into Silent Hill. He disappears from the bus afterwards.

Anne's Story

Anne's Story reveals that Koons dies early on in the story. It is not exactly explained as to how he was killed but Anne finds him after falling from a cliff.

As Anne comes closer to the dead body, she blames him for the bus crash and says that he only had one job and he replies that he was only trying to help. Anne then backs away as she notices that Koons is now a monster and pulls out her gun. Everything becomes clear and she realizes that he didn't just turn into a monster and that it could have just been her imagination.

It is also noted that his last name is spelt Koonts instead of Koons.

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