Lucky Quarter
SHO LuckyCoin
A coin on a necklace
"My lucky quarter. I've had this quarter since I was a kid, from when my parents died. It's kind of a lucky charm. It has something scratched into it... looks like '61.'"
Provides numbers for the Calendar Puzzle
Starting item
Silent Hill: Origins

The Lucky Quarter is an item in Silent Hill: Origins. It is carried by Travis Grady, having acquired it before his journey into Silent Hill. It seems to serve no physical purpose; however, it does provide the first piece of information needed to solve the Calendar Puzzle.

The coin was given to Travis by his father Richard Grady, to play games in the Riverside Motel. Travis returned with the coin but could not give the coin back to his father as he had committed suicide that day. It is possible that the numbers "61" etched onto the coin was written by Richard Grady, in reference to the year of his suicide in 1961. This would signify that his suicide was not impulsive but rather it was planned, and that this coin would mark a permanent symbolism of his memory.

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