Penitentiary code

The keypad.

This article is a guide for a Silent Hill: Downpour puzzle.

On the first floor of the Overlook Penitentiary is a workshop where license plates were made. When equipped with the Forensic Flashlight, hidden numbers scattered around the workshop are revealed that provide Murphy Pendleton with the code to open a door just across the hall. Obtaining this code is required to progress through the game. The machines have a habit of turning themselves on on their own, so Murphy must remain cautious while obtaining the code as the loud noises some of the machines make will attract Prisoner Minions. When a machine turns itself on, Murphy should walk over and shut it off manually.


The code for Easy is 2345, and on Normal and Hard the code is 22345. The order of the numbers follows a trail of invisible footprints that wander around the entirety of the workshop. On Normal and Hard, the first 2 appears on the ceiling just above where the Forensic Flashlight is found. The second 2 (First number on Easy) is on a license plate hanging on a bulletin board. A 3 is obscured behind a moveable box. 4 is found turned on its side on a machine revolving license plates. Murphy will need to turn the machine on to find it. The last number, 5, is written from a perspective on top of a table in the corner beside a blanking line.


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