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The magazine articles.

The Legend of the Lake is a magazine found in an office location of Toluca Prison in Silent Hill 2. The magazine serves as some insight into the strange occurrences that took place at Toluca Lake in the past, specifically the incident in 1918 when the tourist ship, the Little Baroness, failed to return to port, and an even stranger incident which occurred in 1939.


"Toluca Lake, the town's main
tourist attraction.
This clear, beautiful lake has
another side as well.

It may seem like just a typical
ghost story that you might find
in any number of old towns
across the country.
But in this case, the legend
is true.

On a fog-bound November day in
1918, the Little Baroness, a ship
filled with tourists, failed to return
to port.

A newspaper article from back
then simply says "It most likely
sunk for some reason". Despite
an extensive police search, not
a single fragment of the ship nor
any of the 14 bodies of
passengers or crew has ever
been recovered to this day.

In 1939, an even stranger incident

[There are many pages torn out]

Many corpses rest at the bottom
of this lake. Their bony hands
reach up towards the boats that
pass overhead. Perhaps they
reach for their comrades."
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