Keys for Eclipse
The Key of "Lion"
Unlocks back door of Levin St. house
Key of "Lion"
Key of "Woodman"
Key of "Scarecrow"
Silent Hill

The Keys for Eclipse are a set of three keys found in Silent Hill.

Harry Mason must find the three keys in order to unlock the door to the backyard of the house on Levin St. and access Midwich St. beyond it. After entering the house using the key found in the doghouse, Harry can search the home and read a map with a message. The message reads "Keys for Eclipse" and has three markers indicating the locations of the three keys needed to access the backyard. All of the keys are located within Old Silent Hill, and no specific order is needed in retrieving them.

After finding the keys and unlocking the back door, the sky suddenly turns pitch black as if an eclipse is actively occurring, hence the message on the map.

Key of "Lion"

Key of 'lion'

"Lion" key.

The Key of "Lion" is one of the three keys needed to open the back door of the house on Levin St. and is located on the far east end of Finney St. Harry can pick up the key from the opened trunk of an abandoned, crashed police car. There is also some handgun ammo nearby.

On the top of the key is an engraving of a lion. The engraving and the key's name refer to the lion in the story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Key of "Woodman"


"Woodman" key.

The Key of "Woodman" is one of the three keys needed to open the back door of the house on Levin St. It can be found in the alley connecting Bachman Road and Ellroy Street. On the west side of the alley is an open gate marked Off Limits, where Harry can find the key on the ground beside a bloody basketball hoop and a dog's head.

The top of the key has an engraving of the Tin Woodman from the story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Key of "Scarecrow"


"Scarecrow" key.

The Key of "Scarecrow" is one of the three keys needed to open the back door of the house on Levin St. The key can be found on the south end of Ellroy St. The key is held in a mailbox of a house that is about to fall into the gaping hole at the edge of the street. Harry must go across a board in order to reach the mailbox.

On the top of the key is an engraving of a scarecrow, a reference to the character in the story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


  • The "Keys for Eclipse" all refer to characters in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, an inspiration to the series. In Silent Hill 3, Heather Mason states, after examining a bookcase in Alessa Gillespie's bedroom, that a shelf is "...full of fairy tale books, like Oz..." Alessa loved Oz, which is likely the reason why the keys appear in her Fog World.
  • The locations of the keys have significance related to the characters from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and the characters themselves see the Wizard differently in a similar sense to how the monsters are perceived differently depending on the beholder.
    • The "Key of Lion" is found next to a bottomless chasm in a police car. In the book, the Lion has to leap over a chasm with Dorothy and the others on his back as there is no other route forward. When the Lion sees the Wizard, he sees only a giant ball of fire which may relate to Alessa's burning by the Order. Also, the lion, who wanted courage, may relate to the police car, a symbol of courage and bravery due to the line of work.
    • The "Key of Woodman" is found next to a decapitated dog's head, appearing to have been spat out by the animal. In the book, the Tin Woodman had to decapitate a pack of wolves that the Wicked Witch of the West had dispatched to kill the group. When the Tin Woodman sees the Wizard, he sees him as a horrible looking Beast, hearkening to the Incubus. Also, the woodman, who wanted a heart, may relate to the decapitated dog and basketball. Basketball is a physical cardiovascular activity which requires a strong heart to pump blood. The dog could be a symbol of being of flesh and blood.
    • The "Key of Scarecrow" is found in a mailbox only accessible by walking across a fallen tree. In the book, the Scarecrow suggests felling a tree in order to cross a valley and is praised for the idea due to not having brains. When the Scarecrow sees the Wizard, he sees him as a lovely lady in a white silk dress, similar to the Incubator. Also, the scarecrow, who wanted a brain, may relate to the empty mailbox. The empty mailbox could be seen as being similar to the scarecrow, as a man-made object on a wooden pole. Writing letters requires a "brain".


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