Key of Aratron
The Key of Aratron
"The word 'Aratron' is engraved on the key."
Unlocks the door marked "Aratron" in the Phaleg hall 1F, Nowhere.
Behind the plate on the far wall in the morgue in the west corridor of Nowhere.
Silent Hill

The Key of Aratron is a key required to unlock the door marked "Aratron", which is in the Phaleg Hall in Nowhere.

Key of Aratron2

The electrified key

It is located in the morgue in the west corridor of Nowhere, on the far wall behind a metal plate. Harry Mason needs to use the screwdriver, which can be found beside the pliers, to unscrew the plate and turn off the generator. This turns off the electricity that protects the key. If one examines it, the word "Aratron" is engraved on this key.


  • The name "Aratron" is derived from the seven Olympian spirits. The spirits are often invoked in the occult, and are sometimes confused with archangels. In this case, "Aratron" refers to the Olympian spirit of Saturn.

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