Jodie Mason
Jodie in the intro of Silent Hill
Mid 20s

Cause of death
Car crash or illness
Hair color
Dark brown
Eye color
Silent Hill
Silent Hill: Play Novel
Silent Hill 3 (picture only)
Silent Hill: Origins (voice)

Voice actor
Possibly Jennifer Woodward
I don't believe it... Harry, it's a baby... Cheryl. We'll call her Cheryl.
—Jodie to her husband

Jodie Mason is the late wife of Harry Mason and the adoptive mother of Cheryl Mason.


According to the novelization of the first game, Harry met Jodie at the beginning of his sophomore year of high school. He took the opportunity to ask her out after she broke up with her previous boyfriend. Jodie became Harry's priority as they fell in love. They were wed at a church soon afterward, and their nine years together are described as a "never-ending honeymoon".

When her husband was twenty-five, they found an abandoned baby on the side of the highway. With Harry's agreement, they adopted the baby, to which Jodie gave the name of Cheryl. It is revealed at a point in Silent Hill that Harry and his wife desired to have a child during their marriage, but were unable to conceive due to Jodie's illness.

Death discrepancy

Silent Hill suggests she died from her said disease. The game's manual confirms this.

The novel contradicts this by stating that while she was driving home from work, a car chase occurred in which a criminal crashed into her while in full speed, killing her.[1]

In either case, her death left Harry in deep grief while Cheryl was too young to understand what had happened.

Silent Hill: Origins

In the good ending, a radio transmission appears in which Jodie and her husband are heard finding Cheryl on the side of the highway.

Silent Hill


Jodie and Harry finding Cheryl.

In the introduction video, Jodie is seen finding Cheryl with Harry by her side. From her appearance, she has dark brown hair and dark eyes. She wears a long dress covered in a pink floral pattern, possibly cherry blossoms, and a shawl around her neck.

She is mentioned a few times throughout the game, first when Michael Kaufmann asks if she is with Harry, and Harry states that she died four years ago.

If the Good+ ending is achieved, she is replaced with Cybil Bennett in the intro. She and Harry are seen looking over Heather Mason, the reincarnation of Cheryl and Alessa Gillespie, as a baby.



Heather remembering her "mother".

  • Jodie's name is mentioned only in the novelization of the game. In the game and its guidebooks, her name is never revealed.[2]
  • In Silent Hill 3, Heather states: "But I do have just a trace of one more memory left. I haven't forgotten my sweet and gentle mother." It is unknown whether Heather was thinking of her mother as Cheryl or her mother as Alessa. It is most likely that she was remembering Jodie, as she seems to be in a nostalgic mood at the time when she is thanking her father because Heather also states: "Mo... Dahlia used me to summon God" in Alessa's sickroom, which suggests that Heather refuses to acknowledge Dahlia as her mother.

A painting of Jodie holding Cheryl's and Heather's hands.

  • Harry's apartment contains a hand-made art-piece of Jodie, holding hands with his two adopted daughters, which is presumably a dedication to his lost wife and child, with the addition of Heather.
  • Many fans have speculated the possibility of Jodie having an Asian (Japanese) background due to the cherry-blossoms on her dress, her dark hair and eyes, and the various Asian references throughout the Silent Hill games.
    • Heather has also spoken a bit of the Japanese language [3] and owns Japanese-inspired clothing (i.e. Golden Rooster, Royal Flush, Onsen, Transience, Killer Rabbit, God of Thunder, Princess Heart). Upon examining Japanese artwork of a mountain in the Gallery of Fine Arts, Heather compliments it as being relaxing and calm. In the same gallery, Heather also obtains a katana. If Jodie Mason is truly Japanese, it is possible that Cheryl had learned some Japanese from her mother when she was still alive, which could explain Heather's interest in Japanese culture.
  • Although Jodie's voice actress in Origins is uncredited, she sounds exactly like Jennifer Woodward, who portrayed Lisa Garland in Silent Hill: Origins.


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