Jennifer Carroll
A portrait of Saint Jennifer in the Chapel

Cause of death
Immolated by Christians (game)
Immolated by Brethren (film)
Hair color
Eye color
Member of the Order
Silent Hill 2 (mentioned)
Silent Hill 3 (mentioned)
Silent Hill film (mentioned)

Voice actor

Jennifer Carroll was born during the early history of the Silent Hill era. She was one of the founding members of the Order in the 17th century and was accused of witchcraft and became a victim of persecution. As a result, she was burned at the stake by the puritanical Christian citizens of the town in 1692, around the time of the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts.

Silent Hill 2

Considered a saint and martyr by the cult she helped establish, her tombstone stands as a monument in Rosewater Park, engraved with the words "What happened here shall never be forgotten".

For some reason, Jennifer's name and the "Victim of persecution by the Christians" part of the monument is scratched off, possibly to cover up the blame of Christians.

Silent Hill 3

In Silent Hill 3, a painting portraying Jennifer as a saint can be found in the cult's chapel. Below the painting is written: "St. Jennifer: Unwavering Faith Under Death's Blade".

Silent Hill film

The backstory of Silent Hill was not only the story of Alessa but a much older story about the first burning of the Arch Witch, Jennifer Carroll. That burning has defined Silent Hill as the ground for the primeval battle between the perception of good and the perception of evil.
Christophe Gans

In the Silent Hill film continuity, Jennifer was burned alive by the ancestors of the cultists. Christabella's group and the Order were supposed to be rival sects (which was retconned in Silent Hill: Revelation).

A painting of her being burned, titled The First Burning, hangs in the Grand Hotel. This is confirmed to be Jennifer by director's statements and the original script. In the original script, Anna claims Jennifer was a powerful wicked witch possessed by a demon and that after her burning, the town's river rose and drowned the town. She also claims Jennifer was burned before the town of Silent Hill, West Virginia had a name.

A similar painting is also seen in the Brethren's church, but it is unknown if this woman is also Jennifer Carroll because the painting has no name. The woman in this painting was painted to look as if she could be an ancestor of Christabella's, Dahlia Gillespie's or Alessa's, possibly suggesting that a history of unnatural powers runs within the Gillespie family. This could also suggest Jennifer Carroll being an ancestor of the Gillespies.



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