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Jacquelyn Breckenridge
Voice actress
Voice of Laura
Silent Hill 2

Jacquelyn Breckenridge is an American voice actress who has been acting on Japanese TV shows and video games since she was a child.


Jacquelyn (who spells her nickname as "Jackie") began doing various voice work for TV shows in Japan while her family lived there, and then continued her work after moving to America. She has appeared in one video game, Silent Hill 2, in which she played Laura.

Currently, Jackie resides in Vermont, and attended college.

Silent Hill 2

Jackie attended a audition, which she didn't know what it was for, for the role of Laura in Silent Hill 2 when she was 8 years old. The first thing that was asked of her was for her to jump on the back of game developer Jeremy Blaustein while screaming "I HATE YOU!" as loudly as she could. Throughout Jackie's work on the game, she was kept ignorant of the game's dark nature.

It wasn't until a long time later that Jackie realized the dark nature of the game, and the full extent of what she was involved in.


  • Jacquelyn's name "Jackie" is misspelled as "Jakey Breckenridge" in the game's credits. This created some confusion when fans wanted to identify Laura's voice actor, as Jakey could be seen as a male name.

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