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Hummers, also known as Mothbats, are flying creatures from Silent Hill 4: The Room and Silent Hill: The Arcade. They usually show up in swarms and attack Henry Townshend on sight.


They appear as small, black mixtures between hummingbirds and bats. Their bodies are much like that of a bat, though they have long, needle-like beaks similar to those of hummingbirds. In addition, their wings flap extremely quickly, making a buzzing sound as they dart about, making their presence easy to detect.


They are not particularly dangerous alone, merely doing tiny bits of damage to Henry; however, in swarms or in conjunction with other foes, they can be quite irritating. Dealing with them is simple, as Henry can merely swat them out of the air and stomp on them to finish them off. If not crushed, they will quickly recompose themselves and begin flying again, though. They are the only creature that the bug spray seems to have any kind of effect on.


Hummers may represent the annoying, various flying creatures that Walter Sullivan probably has a great distaste for: flies, mosquitoes, and bats all represented in a single creature. Walter grew up in the forestry region of Silent Hill Woods in Wish House Orphanage and Water Prison, where these insects and creatures would presumably be.


  • Walter Sullivan will attack a Hummer if one is near him. This can be helpful to distract Walter while Henry is trying to get away or looking for doll parts during Henry's second visit to the Forest World.
  • When hurt, Hummers will make a sound similar to that of a Pendulum from Silent Hill 3.


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