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Silent Hill: Downpour

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You just gotta think like a rat, see? A rat's vermin, but he knows how to survive. How to... stay out of the rain.
—Homer to Murphy regarding the subway access tunnels

Homer is a minor character in Silent Hill: Downpour. He is an elderly homeless man lurking in the Silent Hill's Pearl Creek subway station, seemingly trapped in the Fog World. He asks Murphy Pendleton for food so he does not starve to death.


Homer appears to be a former prisoner, perhaps from the Ryall State Prison, the same one as Murphy Pendleton, because of the shackle rings attached to his clothes, much like Murphy's prison jumpsuit. This is further strengthened by his comments regarding the tunnels. He tells Murphy that one has to be like vermin to survive, then he'd be fine "just like old Homer." One escaped prisoner to another, this statement likely gave Murphy a depressing glimpse of what the rest of his future could be reduced to: forgotten, scavenging vagabond, dying alone in the dank underbelly of an unassuming small town.

Silent Hill: Downpour

Once Homer is located in the subway, he'll be able to help Murphy by unlocking subway access tunnels. This gives Murphy the ability to quickly traverse around Silent Hill. Homer will do this in exchange for several items; including a candy bar, a coat and a fishing rod. Together, these fetch quests make up the Homeless sidequest.

If Murphy gives him all the items he asks for and comes back later, he seems to be lying dead or unconscious on the floor.


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