Hillside area.

Hillside is an area in Silent Hill that Murphy Pendleton can explore in Silent Hill: Downpour. It is located in the southernmost section of the town and is the first area that Murphy visits.

Silent Hill: Downpour

The majority of Hillside is a residential area with two noteworthy locations; the first being the Hillside Police Station, the location of the "All Points Bulletin" sidequest. The second is Hillside Apartments, which can be found just to the northeast of the police station and provides a route the player can take to reach Pearl Creek.


  • A memo found in Pearl Creek related to the "Ribbons" sidequest references a Hillside Middle School, but the school does not appear in game, nor is it noted on the map.
  • Near the missing child report, by the sandbox across the road from the Police Station on Campbell Street, there is a light glowing from a basement window. Murphy can enter the basement from here, and upon doing so will hear the distant crying of a woman. Murphy can examine a missing girl report on a milk carton, and will have to further himself towards the crying. Upstairs is accessible, but only contains a TV that will spark when interacted with. Back downstairs, the woman has stopped crying, and a previously locked door will be open, allowing access to a room that contains a pistol on a chair. Once Murphy picks up the pistol, he will hear shrieks and a Doll's shadow will appear and attack.


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