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Heather Mason
Heather Mason
Heather from Silent Hill 3
Hair color
Blonde (naturally brunette)
Silver (God of Thunder mode)
Eye color
Blue (God of Thunder mode)
Various part-time work (babysitter)
Silent Hill (as a baby)
Silent Hill: Play Novel (as a baby)
Silent Hill 3
Silent Hill: Downpour (cameo)
Silent Hill: Book of Memories (cameo and playable character)

Voice actor
Heather Morris (Silent Hill 3)
Amanda Winn-Lee (Silent Hill HD Collection/Silent Hill: Book of Memories)
This article is for Heather's role in the games. For her role in the film, see Sharon Da Silva. For her re-imagining, see Cheryl Heather Mason.
Listen, suffering is a fact of life. Either you learn how to deal with that or you go under. You can stay in your own little dream world, but you can't keep hurting other people! Besides, I'll never forgive you for hurting my father!
—Heather to Claudia Wolf

Heather Mason, known as Cheryl Mason after the events of Silent Hill 3, is the protagonist of Silent Hill 3. Heather is the reincarnation of both Cheryl Mason and Alessa Gillespie.



Heather and her adoptive father Harry in the Good ending of Silent Hill.

Heather's given name is Cheryl Mason, the adopted daughter of the writer Harry Mason, who survived the events of the first Silent Hill game. When Harry escaped Silent Hill, Alessa, the Incubator, came back as an apparition and presented him with a newborn baby, which is both Cheryl and Alessa herself restored to one body again. Harry left Silent Hill with the baby and moved to Portland; however, they were attacked by a member of the Order there and Harry killed him in self-defense.

In an attempt to throw the cult off if they come and look for them, he renamed her Heather, dyed her hair blonde and relocated to another city. Harry eventually settled in the Daisy Villa Apartments with Heather.

On one of Heather's birthdays, Harry gave her a pendant with a red jewel inside and told her to take good care of it and to never take it off; the reason being that the red jewel is crystallized Aglaophotis which can expel demons, so if Heather should ever be in danger of birthing the Order's god again, she could survive by swallowing the Aglaophotis and expelling God.



Heather comments that she feels desensitized.


Heather kicks a bathtub in anger.

Heather is a seemingly normal and carefree girl who loves to shop. One trait of Heather is that she is moody and loses her temper quite easily at things that frustrate her, which are considered normal traits for a teenager. Heather can also be very sarcastic and humorous such as her "joke" to Douglas in the normal ending. Because of her sarcastic streak, she adapts rather remarkably to the disturbing spectacles she finds on her journey. Upon discovering a bloody corpse covered by newspapers, she states that she feels as if her ordeal has numbed her. Her bravery and nonchalant reaction to various creatures and horrors late in the game, forged by her resolve later all point to a rather hot-headed temperament. However, Heather is still vulnerable, as there are moments when she can be quite sensitive and emotional.

She views suffering as a natural part of life, yet doesn't like the idea of Claudia Wolf hurting people to achieve her goals, as seen during their heated arguments. This shows that she has a strong sense of "justice", further proven by her statement when she examines Vincent Smith's corpse, mentioning that while she hated him, she felt like his death was unfair.

Heather has a great love for her father, as he raised her on his own. She jumps to Harry's defense when Vincent Smith criticizes him. When Harry dies, she is completely distraught. After Harry's death, there is a very noticeable change in Heather's personality. She gradually becomes reflective and somber. If Heather examines a movie poster in her room, she comments, "I always liked that line, but now it just seems stupid." regarding staying hopeful in despair. Heather begins to turn to Douglas Cartland as a guardian surrogate, since she feels that he is the only one she can trust, in contrast to Vincent and Claudia. They develop a bond and Douglas even tells her that she reminds him of his dead son, to which Heather, visibly moved, replies, "Well, maybe if you'd compared me to your daughter..." Their bond grows on their way to Silent Hill and later on after she finds him injured at Lakeside Amusement Park.

Heather begins the game with a switchblade already in her inventory, and if it is examined, she comments that she "likes to carry it around for some reason". She also owns a stun gun, a gift from her "worrywart dad". Upon finding the shotgun, she states that it's "gross", implying that she is not a fan of weapons, but is willing to use them to survive. In the subway, an article on the paranormal can be read on the ground. When Heather inspects it, she states that she read it before and thought it seemed like a "bunch of crap", but admits she would read it for fun, implying an interest with the paranormal despite not believing in it. Like Alessa, she also seems vaguely interested in literature as she references William Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe, and can quote Macbeth, though she considers Romeo and Juliet "sentimental slop". At one point in the game, Heather will refuse to pick up a pack of cigarettes, saying that she "quit for good", implying she used to smoke. In the Last Drop Cafe, Heather can examine a broken cash register scattered with bills, though she chooses not to take them, stating she's "no thief", implying she is not greedy.

At the beginning of the game, if the player examines the mirror in the mall bathroom, Heather mentions that she dislikes mirrors as she feels her reflection is some sort of a false image. Heather's mild spectrophobia (fear of mirrors) is emphasized by the fact that the mirror in her bedroom is covered, and she doesn't have a mirror in her bathroom at home. The game's infamous scene in the mirror room at Brookhaven Hospital is Heather's fear becoming a reality. Her spectrophobia may be caused due to her subconscious understanding of who she really is and what she has the potential to become, even though it takes quite some time in the game for her to begin recalling her past as Alessa. Many spectrophobics claim they fear mirrors as they are a "portal to look into the soul." Heather also has an aversion to fire. As the game progresses, it is implied that Alessa's original personality traits and memories surface in Heather, though Heather considers herself and Alessa separate beings.

Heather's religious beliefs are ambiguous. Heather appears to be very irreligious, possibly atheist or agnostic, saying that she doesn't care about Claudia's visions of "God" and "Paradise". Whether or not Heather extends this indifference to other religions besides the Order is unknown. Upon examining her home phone, Heather comments she can't reach the "police or the church", perhaps implying she views at least some religious group as trustworthy.

Silent Hill 3

Heather Douglas

Heather is confused as to why Douglas knows her name.

While running an errand for her father at the Central Square Shopping Center, Heather accidentally falls asleep and dreams about Silent Hill. She finds herself wandering through the nightmare version of Lakeside Amusement Park. While she is walking along a roller coaster track, she is struck by a roller coaster. When Heather awakens from the nightmare, she exits the burger joint and calls her father, letting him know that she is on her way home. However, when Heather is about to leave the mall, a man named Douglas Cartland attempts to talk to her about her birth. Heather, thinking Douglas a stalker, flees him and exits the shopping mall through a bathroom window to avoid confrontation. However, the alley past the window is blocked, and she is forced to enter the shopping mall again through the employee's area. Heather finds a monster and manages to kill it with a handgun, shaken by the sudden realization that monsters exist.


Heather questions to herself if she is dreaming.

As Heather wanders through the monster infested mall, she encounters a barefoot woman in a black dress with flowing platinum blonde hair who reveals herself as Claudia Wolf. Claudia tells her about a paradise created by God and Heather's "true" self. Heather is confused and comes down with a serious migraine as Claudia departs, as if she is trying to remember something from long ago. While descending an elevator, Heather soon plunges into the Otherworld version of the shopping mall. She tries to convince herself that everything is just a dream. After defeating a giant worm in the core of the mall, everything changes back to normal. Heather decides to use the subway to get home, but as she walks through the mall, she meets Douglas again. Heather accuses Douglas of being on Claudia's side, but he tells her that he was only hired to find her and that he has no idea what is happening. Heather accepts Douglas's words, and faintly remembers that she forgot something important. She shakes off a strange feeling and tells Douglas she is heading home.

After exploring a subway, an underground passageway, sewers, and a construction site, Heather finds a way into the Hilltop Center. While inspecting a bathtub, Heather suddenly enters the nightmare world once again and falls unconscious. Just before coming to, Heather hears her father's voice in her mind. After the transition, Heather kicks the bathtub in frustration and yells, "Did Claudia do this too!?". Heather soon encounters a man named Vincent Smith, who is also a member of the same cult as Claudia, but has different views on God being birthed. Vincent confirms that Heather has a forgotten past and calls Heather's father a "sneaky guy", causing Heather to yell, "Don't talk about my dad like that!". Before leaving, Heather voices her disbelief about Vincent not being on Claudia's side.


Heather sobbing on her dead father's lap.

Heather eventually finds a way out of the Hilltop Center and upon entering her apartment, she discovers her father brutally murdered, his lifeless body slumped in a chair. Heather, shocked and speechless, rests on her father's lap and sobs heavily. Once she regains control of her emotions, Heather follows a blood trail to the apartment's rooftop, where Claudia is waiting for her. Heather demands an answer from Claudia as to why she killed Harry, and Claudia answers that it is revenge for seventeen years and to fill Heather's heart with hatred. Claudia locks Heather on the apartment rooftop and after a boss battle, Heather returns to her apartment where Douglas is waiting for her. Despite Douglas's apologies, Heather yells at Douglas furiously and blames everything that has happened on him. Once Heather is settled down, Douglas helps her move Harry's body into his room, covering him with a white sheet and lilies. Heather decides to find Claudia and kill her in revenge, even though Douglas doesn't agree. Douglas offers to drive her to Silent Hill since he is also responsible for Heather's loss, and she eventually agrees. Heather sighs heavily and pays her final respects to her father before departing.


Heather struggling with Harry's death.

Douglas gives Heather a map of Silent Hill and a notebook that her father was holding. Upon reading the notebook, Heather learns that it contains the truth about what happened seventeen years ago. During the car ride to Silent Hill, Heather sits silently in the passenger seat while Douglas tries to make conversation with her. Having read the notebook, Heather tells Douglas about Alessa Gillespie, Dahlia Gillespie's failed attempt at birthing God using her own daughter, and her own birth. Heather then takes a moment to tell her father that she never had a chance to tell him about the happiness that he gave her. In Silent Hill at Jacks Inn, Douglas tells Heather to meet him once she explores Brookhaven Hospital.

While searching the hospital, Heather may find notes addressed to her by Stanley Coleman. On the third floor, Heather is phoned by Leonard Wolf, Claudia's father, resentful of his own daughter and willing to help Heather stop her. However, upon the two meeting, Leonard becomes hostile when he realizes that Heather is not a member of the Order. Heather kills Leonard and takes the Seal of Metatron with her. Upon returning to Jacks Inn, she meets Vincent once more, who tells her to go look for Douglas at the Lakeside Amusement Park. As she explores it, Heather re-lives her initial nightmare, only this time she jumps off the tracks in time to avoid the oncoming roller coaster. She then finds Douglas, wounded from a confrontation with Claudia. Having bonded with him, Heather tells him to wait as she goes to locate Claudia. In the amusement park's carousel, Heather is confronted by the Memory of Alessa, who attacks her with various weapons in an attempt to stop the birth of God. Heather beats her and she vanishes, allowing Heather to make her way to the chapel.

Heather 2

Heather expressing her anger at Claudia.

Heather encounters Claudia inside the chapel and tells her that Alessa is fine with the way the world is. It is unknown if this was actually Alessa, or just Heather pretending to be her as a way of manipulating Claudia. Claudia has a strong will and explains that there is too much suffering in the world and the God of her cult will change all that, although Heather explains that suffering is a fact of life and that you just have to face that reality. Heather suddenly feels pain, as the God is close to being ready for birth, and Claudia leaves.

Heather birthing god

Heather vomiting God.

While fighting her way through the corridors of the church, Heather encounters Vincent inside the library. He asks her about the Seal of Metatron, which Heather has in her possession. Vincent is relieved, as he believes it can be used as a weapon to defeat Claudia, whom Heather finally catches up to inside the cult's inner sanctum. In the chapel's sanctum, Heather meets Claudia and Vincent once more. Vincent urges her to kill Claudia, whereupon Claudia stabs him twice, killing him, telling Heather that the Seal of Metatron will not prevent the birth of God. Heather ingests the Aglaophotis inside her pendant, which promptly makes her vomit out the unborn God fetus; however, Claudia ingests it and gives birth to it, which brings about her demise.

Heather cry

Heather crying after killing God.

Heather confronts the partially-formed God, killing Her. Heather then drops to the floor and mourns her father, trying to cope with the reality that he is still dead. There are three possible endings. The first play-through gives the Normal ending, where Heather goes back to Douglas, who is alive, and comes to terms with her past and ostensibly returns to her normal life. She also switches back to her real name, Cheryl Mason. Cheryl is then seen kneeling while visiting Harry's grave, having given him the burial she wanted. Second playthroughs can result, depending on certain requirements, in either the Possessed ending, where Heather murders Douglas and stares at his body, having been possessed, or a joke UFO Ending, where Harry is still alive and commands aliens to destroy Silent Hill. Because a memo in Silent Hill: Homecoming states that Douglas Cartland exposed the Order, the Normal ending is canon.

Other appearances

Silent Hill: Book of Memories


Bored Heather in Book of Memories.

Heather makes a cameo in the Silent Hill: Book of Memories joke ending, seen running the service desk at the motel. She listens to the guests banter about Silent Hill, much to her annoyance, until one of the managers tells her that one of the guests in Room 302 accidentally locked himself in. She then thuds her head on the table and passes out.

Apart from the joke ending, Heather is also a DLC character class. She is voiced by Amanda Winn-Lee and many of her quotes are from Silent Hill 3.

Silent Hill: Downpour

Heather makes a cameo in the Surprise ending in Silent Hill: Downpour, in which she surprises Murphy Pendleton with cake. Her vest has sleeves, which is likely a nod to Silent Hill: Revelation.

Silent Hill: Revelation


Sharon Da Silva.

Main article: Sharon Da Silva

Heather Mason appears in the 2012 film, Silent Hill: Revelation, played by Adelaide Clemens. As with her game counterpart, she is an incarnation of Alessa Gillespie, who has been on the run with her adoptive father since she was a child.

Notable differences include Heather initially being only one part of Alessa's soul while Dark Alessa/Memory of Alessa is the dark side, her real name being Sharon Da Silva and a romance with Vincent Cooper, the film's version of Vincent Smith.



Heather's Royal Flush outfit.

Heather has dyed blonde hair which is cut short and layered with side swept bangs. Her natural hair color is brunette, like Alessa's or Cheryl's. Freckles and blemishes can be seen on her face, arms, and legs.

She wears an orange, sleeveless turtleneck under a white, hooded vest with four front pockets used to hold a flashlight and ammo, and a green denim miniskirt. After sobbing on her father's bloody corpse, her vest remains bloodied for the remainder of the game. She also wears tall brown boots, a digital wristwatch, and an orange wristband on each arm.

The creators of the game were attentive as to how "her [Heather's] eyes spoke to the player," as they wanted to convey a feeling of anger and exhaustion. Shingo Yuri, the game's character designer, stressed that he wanted to retain the essence of physical flaws that are seen in Silent Hill characters, attributing to their attraction and appreciation by the player. Shingo continued to say that Heather was "no exception" to this, stating that although she was portrayed as a strong-willed character, she was still just a teenager, and her facial features were instrumental in portraying a heavy burden weighing down on the shoulders of a child.

God of Thunder

Heather's "God of Thunder" appearance.

After completing the game, a new option will be unlocked on the main menu which will enable the player to input codes for alternate outfits. In the PlayStation 2 version, many of them have gaming magazine logos. Most of the outfits consist of different colored tank tops and jeans.

One unique outfit of Heather's is the "God of Thunder" outfit which changes a few aspects of Heather: her hair is silver, her eyes are vivid blue with one appearing bruised, her face has a bloody cut, her lips are gray, and her arms and collarbone are tattooed. Her tank top is inspired by Raijin in Japanese mythology, and she wears light brown jeans, a black and teal choker, and dark teal wristbands.

Another unique outfit is "Transform." It can be accessed by using a key which shows up in Heather’s inventory after the start of an extra new game. In a very satirical Sailor Moon-esque scene, Heather will change into her "Princess Heart" costume. Heather has headphones, a heart choker, a white dress adorned with pink hearts, long red gloves, and blue boots with stars. It also allows access to a powerful beam-like attack when no weapon is equipped, the "Sexy Beam".

Creator's comment

Her name comes from Miss Heather Morris, who did Heather's voice and motion in the game. At first we had chosen the name Helen, but it was pointed out that this name is old-fashioned and so it was changed.


  • "A detective? Really? ... Well, nice talkin' to ya."
  • "Are you still following me? Do I have to scream?"
  • "Stay back! Get the hell away from me!" (to Closer)
  • "What the hell is this thing?" (about Closer)
  • "Is this a dream? It's gotta be... not even a kid could believe in this... but when am I gonna wake up?"
  • "Ugh, forget it! This is way too gross. Who would even think of doing something so disgusting?" (A reference to James Sunderland.)
  • "The phone doesn't work. Well, we all have our hopes. Wish I could get ahold of Dad."
  • "All I know is that things are getting really screwy around here and I got a weird feeling it's got something to do with me."
  • "Who the hell would make something like this? Furthermore, who the hell would eat it?" (Heather commenting on a barbecued dog.)
  • "I don't really feel like eating and drinking stuff from an alternate reality, OK?"
  • "Don't talk about my dad like that!"
  • "There's no mail here, not even from a dead wife. Well, it's not like I have one of those anyway." (A reference to James and Mary Shepherd-Sunderland, upon examining a mailbox.)
  • "I'll kill you, you bitch!" (in the HD Collection only)
  • "Calm down?! How am I supposed to do that?! My father is dead! He's murdered! Get out! This is all your fault! If it weren't for you..."
  • "I'm sorry, Dad..."
  • "I don't know what kind of hell is waiting for me there, but I've got no other choice. I don't care about God or Paradise... If that's what she believes, then fine. But she won't get away with what she did. When I find her, I'll kill her myself."
  • "Dad... why did you have to die? You told me you were the strongest man in the world... Liar."
  • "He loved me just like I was his very own daughter... even though he didn't know who or what I was. It was so sudden... I never had a chance... to tell you... to tell you how happy you made me."
  • "Disgusting. I won't touch that with a 10-foot pole." (regarding Stanley's doll)
  • "But you're wrong, it's not my birthday..."
  • "Yeah, sure. Go ahead and think whatever you want. I mean that I don't think the way you guys do. I don't want any part of that kinda paradise."
  • "Is every person here a mental case?"
  • "Is Danny the doll? Or is Danny that hanging thing? Oh well, whatever. No biggie..."
  • "You think you're Superman or something?"
  • "I just came by to make sure you were still alive."
  • "Don't die on me, okay?"
  • "You self-righteous witch! No one asked you to help!"
  • "24 years ago, Mo... Dahlia used me to summon God. God was in my womb, but I couldn't deliver Her. Then I was shut up her in this hospital room. I stayed here until Dad helped me out when I was 14. "God" ate away at me from within, driving me mad with suffering. There I was, wishing I could just die and be done with it... But I went on living that nightmare for seven years. Looking at this bed just reminds me of those awful days. But I don't want to remember them. Because I'm not Alessa anymore... But Alessa is still me. I'm not really trying to deny it or anything... I just... don't want to remember."
  • "Well, it brings back memories, but not very pleasant ones." (examining Alessa's school desk)
  • "What a tiny chair! I can't sit in it anymore. Thank God..." (examining Alessa's school chair)
  • "This is a picture of a wolf. It looks like a dog, but it says "WOLF" and everything, so..."
  • "But a God born from hatred can never create a perfect paradise!"
  • "And save you too? Happy ending? I'd rather go to Hell."
  • "Shut your stinking mouth, bitch!"
  • "Looks like God didn't make it!"
  • "You can't be dead, I was going to kill you!"
  • "This is God...?"
  • "Is that the end? I guess it's time to roll the credits." (Heather starts to cry) "Dad... Dad... Dad! Dad... Dad... Dad..."
  • "You don't have to call me that. I'm not hiding anymore... Cheryl. The name my father gave me."
  • "I don't know. Don't you think blondes have more fun?"
  • "Oh, Dad! You're the coolest!" (Seeing Harry doing a flying kick)


  • The first sketches of Heather portrayed her as an "innocent" type of character. The development team realized that she seemed too "nice" and Heather was inspired by Sophie Marceau and Charlotte Gainsbourg to give her an attitude. At this point, Heather was a clash of masculinity and femininity. Shingo Yuri, the character designer, imagined Heather as wearing jeans. However, the female team members of Team Silent thought that Heather should show her legs to look more feminine and convinced Yuri. Heather was given sex appeal in a very discreet way.
  • Heather's hair was very debated on. Initially, her hair was more natural and less elaborate, but the female team members thought that curly hair would be more suitable for a young girl. Heather was given shorter hair for the convenience of video games: it would have taken more processing power of the PlayStation 2 to create longer realistic hair. The game designers used the processing power towards increasing monster numbers instead. It is also noted that shorter hair has the benefit of being more practical in dangerous situations. [2]
  • One notable aspect of Heather is her relative realism in terms of both character design and personality compared to other video games around 2003. Freckles and blemishes can be seen on her face, arms, and legs. She has a female physique, though not one of overt sexuality. Heather also displays minimal archetypal "damsel in distress" style behavior and lacks a romantic interest. The joke UFO ending claims Heather divorced and is a "young mom who goes it alone".
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - You're Not Here02:47

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - You're Not Here

Heather singing "You're Not Here".

  • Heather makes an appearance in Dance Dance Revolution Extreme for the PlayStation 2 in the song "You're Not Here". She is seen walking through a white, empty space and sitting on a wheelchair. After a scene of her in the car with Douglas, she is seen singing inside the shopping mall and appearing in various places throughout the game.
  • In early promotions and the back of the game's cover, she was given the name Heather Morris, the name of her voice actress.
  • Heather is the first female primary character in the Silent Hill series, as opposed to a side story or spin-off entry.
Heather's Deaths06:05

Heather's Deaths

Heather's death scenes.

  • Heather has the most numerous death scenes of any Silent Hill protagonist, including being hit by a subway car, jumping off a moving train, being drowned by a sewer monster, being struck by a roller coaster, dying while giving birth to God, being killed by toxic gas on the carousel, being covered by the blood in the mirror room, being killed by a ceiling trap in the haunted mansion and being killed by the red mist in the haunted mansion. Silent Hill 3 is also the only Silent Hill game in which the protagonist can die by falling down a hole. Alex Shepherd also has plenty of death scenes, though not as many as Heather.
  • Occasionally, Heather will "break the fourth wall" of awareness and back-sass the player for making certain, incorrect decisions. For example, if the player tries to enter the insect hallway after using the insecticide with the fan off, Heather says, "I don't particularly want to die!"
  • Heather has the ability to tie a strong knot, proven when she uses the rope to descend the elevator in Hilltop Center.[3]

Cheryl Heather Mason.

  • "Heather" became Cheryl's middle name in her Silent Hill: Shattered Memories incarnation. Cheryl Heather Mason was born in 1983 in the Shattered Memories timeline. In Cheryl's mugshot, her clothing has a strong resemblance to Heather's.
  • Like Alessa, Heather exhibits some supernatural abilities during the game, such as having a premonition about visiting Lakeside Amusement Park and detecting the Otherworld shifts. After defeating God, she also detects a presence, which is the wail of a newborn according to creator Masahiro Ito, that is invisible and inaudible to the player. However, Heather never manifests Alessa's darker abilities, such as telekinesis and the ability to kill with her mind.
  • If the voice that phones Heather in the locker room in Brookhaven Hospital can be trusted, her complete being, Alessa, is 31 years old by the time of Silent Hill 3. However, the voice later congratulates her for her 24th birthday, creating confusion for the player. If the ages of Heather (17) and Cheryl (7) are added together she is 24. Adding Alessa's age (14) to Heather's age (17) is where 31 comes from.
  • In the Book of Lost Memories, Heather is referred to as "The Fool", which is the number 0 (also can be stated as the number 22) of the Major Arcanas in a Tarot Deck, most likely due to the main concept of the Tarot card which states that the man walks unconcernedly straight into an abyss and is confident of his cleverness, in a similar fashion to Heather's attitude towards her fate.
  • Heather will make comments about flowers or plants throughout the game; this may be a reference to her name's meaning: "flowering plant". There are also photos of flowers in her room. When her father dies, Heather decides to place a bundle of lilies on his body. She also lives in the "Daisy" Villa Apartments.
Heather game movie

Heather in the same pose.

  • One poster for Revelation shows Heather in a wheelchair being pulled by a nurse, which is identical to one of Heather's artworks for Silent Hill 3.
  • As a medium, video games developed immensely throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. Graphical capabilities increased, storytelling developed and voice acting became more common. For 2003, Silent Hill 3 was praised for its realistic graphics and characterization at the time. Apart from Heather, other video games (pre-2004) commonly cited for featuring voice-acted female game protagonists with developed personalities include Jennifer Simpson/Helen Maxwell from Clock Tower (1996), April Ryan from The Longest Journey (1999), Koudelka Iasant from Koudelka (1999), Hana Tsu-Vachel from Fear Effect (1999), Alice Liddell from American McGee's Alice (2000), Miku Hinasaki from Fatal Frame (2001), Jen from Primal (2003), Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 (2003), Mio Amakura from Fatal Frame II (2003), Shion Uzuki from Xenosaga (2003), as well as Jill/Claire/Rebecca from the Resident Evil series.


Silent Hill




Silent Hill 3: The Novel

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