Travis with the box.

This article is a guide for a Silent Hill: Origins puzzle.

The Heart Box Puzzle is one of the riddles found in Silent Hill: Origins. During his exploration of Alchemilla Hospital, Travis Grady enters Room 204 in its Otherworld version to find a locked white box with a red cross painted on it. Next to the box is a bloody note that, along with the hints scattered around the hospital, will help Travis figure out the solution.

The "beauties"

Travis can find up to three writings in different places while going through the hospital, each one showing a female name (a "beauty") and her age.

  • "Amy, 31". Women's restroom, 1st Floor, written on the door of the second stall.
  • "Lucy, 23". Staff lounge, 1st Floor, written on the wall.
  • "Sarah, 19". Examination Room, 1st Floor, written on the x-ray box (Travis must turn on the light to see it).


Once he's collected all three ages, Travis must go back to the Otherworld and return to Room 204 to input the numbers. According to the note, "age before beauty", the numbers must be put from oldest to youngest. The code then is 312319.

Inside the opened box, there is a plastic heart that Travis needs in order to solve the Anatomy Puzzle.

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