The gumball machine.

Gumballs is a series of voice messages that Harry Mason can receive in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, and vary according to the player's Psych Profile. They can be found at the Toluca Mall, halfway into a Nightmare sequence.

Listening to the message carefully will help the player on how to solve the Gumball Shakeup Puzzle and thus progress further into the game, as the door needed to continue on is blocked by thick ice.

Part 1

Variation 1

Man: We'll be back soon as we can, but we've got lots of shopping to do! Yes, I won't forget. Why are you shouting? Yes, she's here.
Little girl: Can I have some bubble gum?
Man: Sure, here. I can't buy her gum? Stop being ridiculous.
Little girl: No. I don't want THOSE colors. I want my favorite colors.
Man: What are your favorite colors?
Little girl: I won't tell.
Man: It's a secret? Just a minute. I know the secret. I saw you looking up at Tookie. I'm right, aren't I?
Little girl: Yes! My favorites!

The mall's mascot, Tookie the Toucan.

Variation 2

Man: We're at the shops now. Yeah, I have the list. Need a coffee. Yes, she's here with me now.
Little girl: Can I have some bubble gum?
Man: It's not candy, when did anyone get a sugar rush off gum?
Little girl: No. I don't want THOSE colors. I want my favorite colors.
Man: Okay, what are your favorite colors?
Little girl: You forgot.
Man: I didn't forget. Uh-huh, the cartoon bird? See, Daddy does remember...

Variation 3

Man: I can't, I'm shopping. With my daughter. I get that, I get that.
Little girl: I want some bubble gum.
Man: Just a minute. Hold the line. Okay, here. Sorry, like I was saying I know I've let you down, but I'll make it up to you.
Little girl: Not those colors!
Man: What, what's wrong with those colors?
Little girl: I want colors like Tookie! My favorite!
Man: Hold on, please, just a bit longer? Like that?
Little girl: Yay! My favorite!
Man: You there? Sorry about that.

Variation 4

Man: You going to be home when we get back? Sure. Sure. No, she's fine.
Little girl: Can I have some bubble gum?
Man: Sure, here. She wanted some gum. That's hardly spoiling her. Wait.
Little girl: No. I don't want THOSE colors. I want my favorite colors.
Man: What are your favorite colors?
Little girl: Mom knows.
Man: I'm sure she does. You hear that? Yeah, she won't tell me. The mascot? The cartoon bird? Okay... Like this, sweetie?
Little girl: Yes!

Part 2

After the puzzle has been solved, Harry will be alerted of a new message on his phone.

Variation 1

Man: Come on, let's go. We haven't much time to shop!
Little girl: Why not? It's Saturday.
Man: Yes, but we need to get back to help Mom.
Little girl: Mom sucks.
Man: Come on now, you know that isn't true.

Variation 2

Man: Come on then, bring your gumballs with you.
Little girl: Where are we going?
Man: Food court! We need a drink before we start shopping properly!

Variation 3

Man: Okay. You come here and we can meet up.
Little girl: Who are you talking to?
Man: No one, sweetie. Yeah, wear something nice. Nothing underneath. Okay, bye. Well, come on, honey, we got lots of shopping to get done!

Variation 4

Man: [laughs] Come on, save some for later!
Little girl: I'll keep this one for Mom.
Man: That's a great idea. Come on, last one to the escalators is it!
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