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The Groaner is a dog-like monster from Silent Hill. The Wormhead is its Otherworld variant.


Groaners appear as very large, hairless, demonic dogs with rotten, brown skin and a very large set of jaws. The beast's physique is quite synonymous to the greyhound dog breed, which also supports the Groaners' intimidating speed. They are clearly emaciated, making them appear starved or even dead as a result, albeit this fails to take away from their huge size and constant risk on the streets of Silent Hill.


One of the more common enemies of the game, they are sensitive to sound and will react to a gunshot or Harry Mason running nearby. They only appear in outdoor areas and are easily avoided if precautions are taken.

Groaners attack Harry on sight, or as soon as he makes enough noise to draw their attention. They move very rapidly and often sprint circles around their prey, jumping up to deliver a bite or lunging full-force at Harry. Due to their small size and agility, hitting them with a melee weapon can be challenging. As a result, firearms are the best method to dispose of them. However, not drawing their attention or avoiding them is preferable, as they are also very persistent. Panting and the light tapping of claws on pavement often signal their presence.


The image of a large dog, something Alessa Gillespie has a strong dislike for, is the basis for this creature. Alessa was often frightened by barking dogs as a child and grew to fear them in general. Their grotesque appearance may also mirror her own possible opinion on her looks, something that deteriorated while suffering from incredulous burns and being pregnant with God, something her body couldn't handle.


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