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Graham Reynolds is a character in Silent Hill: Book of Memories. He is the Light Guardian.

A father, police officer and family friend of the protagonist, he appears to have been sitting in his patrol car outside the protagonist's parents' house while they've been house-sitting it with their sister, Shannon. This makes the protagonist nervous, so in order to throw Reynolds off their trail, the protagonist rewrites the past.


Graham Reynolds was a star police officer who conducted a year-long search for convicted felon Jack Merrick. Married to Lorelai, he had an affair with Shannon, and his life started to fall apart because of it.

In the Light path, he doubts his relationship with Shannon. He continues his police work and is rewarded for his service. His wife continues her marriage with him.

In the Blood path, he continues his relationship with Shannon. He is reprimanded for being with Shannon during his duty time. Lorelai discovers the affair and leaves him, taking their kids with her.


  • He is the Light Guardian, possibly referencing how his secret "came to light".
  • Graham's appearance and occupation as a star police officer as similar to DC Comics' Commissioner Gordon, especially as portrayed by Gary Oldman in the Dark Knight trilogy. In addition, Gordon also had an affair during his early career.
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