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Golf Club
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A golf club
"Golf club. Powerful and easy to use, but it looks like it could break easily."

High (Downpour)
Various locations (SH4)
Various green lockers (Downpour)
Silent Hill 4: The Room
Silent Hill: Downpour

The Golf Club is a weapon in Silent Hill 4: The Room and Silent Hill: Downpour, and is the first breakable item to ever appear in the Silent Hill franchise.

Silent Hill 4: The Room

Among the new breakable weapons introduced in the game is a set of golf clubs, which can be found in many locations that Henry Townshend visits throughout the game. Unlike other melee weapons, there are many versions of the golf club, differing in type and strength. All of them break after an extended period of use, however, becoming bent and useless. Although stronger than the steel pipe Henry uses in the beginning, the golf clubs aren't generally used as often as they break easily and there are more powerful melee weapons that become available shortly into the game.

Eventually, Henry also comes across a stronger version of the Gum Head monsters which use golf clubs as weapons and, after defeating them, Henry can pick up the clubs for his own use.


Type Location Notes
Driver Alleyway with hole, Building World 2nd time One of the stronger clubs
3-Wood Albert's Sporting Goods, Building World 2nd time One of the stronger clubs
3-Iron Held by a Gum Head, Building World 2nd time One of the stronger clubs
4-Iron 2F Hospital World, one of the random rooms One of the stronger clubs
5-Iron Albert's Sporting Goods, Building World 1st time An average-powered club
6-Iron Southeastern end, Forest World 1st time An average-powered club
7-Iron Held by a Gum Head, Building World 2nd time An average-powered club
8-Iron Held by a Gum Head, Building World 2nd time An average-powered club
9-Iron King Street Line platform, Subway World 1st time An average-powered club
Pitching Wedge Held by a Gum Head, Building World 1st time An average-powered club
Sand Wedge Held by a Gum Head, Building World 2nd time An average-powered club
Putter Room 207, Apartment World 1st time An average-powered club

Silent Hill: Downpour

Golf club

The Golf Club in Downpour.

The Golf Club is an unlockable weapon that can be obtained in Silent Hill: Downpour. It can only be unlocked with the code that came with the pre-order, which is "911977". This code also unlocks two other lockers, containing a nailgun, a double-headed axe, a Colt 45 and a baseball bat, but they will lock themselves again once a locker is chosen.

Even though it will eventually break, the golf club has large durability and high damage, making it an ideal melee weapon in the game. However, it still needs to be substituted with an appropriate weapon to get through certain obstacles.


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