Golden Egg
A golden egg... where's the hen?
"An ornate, golden egg. Warm to the touch, this egg is larger than a hen's and has an oily shine to it."
Unlocks a door bearing an oval depression on the first floor of Alchemilla Hospital
Alchemilla Hospital, Otherworld 2f Room 202.
Silent Hill: Origins

The Golden Egg is a key from Silent Hill: Origins that Travis Grady found in the Otherworld iteration of Alchemilla Hospital on the second floor in room 202. It is larger than a hen's and rather oily looking, and is warm to the touch. Strange designs can be seen on the outer shell of the egg. It unlocks a door on the first floor of the Otherworld hospital.


  • The door this egg is used on has the following inscribed: "Even in this inferno, from out of the flames, I saw life born anew." This is a direct reference to the legendary firebird known as the Phoenix, which is an immortal bird with the ability to be reborn anew.
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