General Store
Travis in front of the General Store
Crichton Street, Central Silent Hill

Silent Hill: Origins

The General Store is located on Crichton Street in Silent Hill: Origins. Like Andy's Books, this store is also used as a detour for Travis Grady to surpass obliterated roads and reach the Riverside Motel. The General Store cannot be entered from the outside; it can only be entered from the other side of the crack on Crichton Street.

The building contains a save symbol on the far wall. Upon examination, Travis will comment that he has a history of going to this place all the time, as he has a fondness for the ice cream counter, particularly for vanilla ice cream. This place has a large amount of ammo for guns, an ampoule, and two health drinks. Beside one of these drinks a receipt can be found that mentions the Butcher. As for weaponry, Travis can find a toolbox, a broken pole, and a screwdriver.

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