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Fukuro Lady is the name given to the entity featured in the film Fukuro. She appears in a nurse's outfit wearing long black gloves that seem to be kept behind her as if they are tied which is often mistaken for her having no arms at all.

In the "Fukuro" film, she has club-like appendages attached to her shoulders and is also wearing a mask of sorts, but camera angles do reveal a female human face behind it.

Her characteristics appear sexual, much like Pyramid Head, as she is seen atop of a creature which appears similar to a Lying Figure. In the film, flashes between Fukuro Lady and Pyramid Head consorting with various monsters indicates their similarities and purpose, especially their sexual traits.

At some point in the middle of the "Fukuro" film, Pyramid Head is first seen grasping with the Mannequins while two Fukuro Ladies appear mounted and mirrored on the walls against each other.

It is unknown what the monster that she rides is, as it was given no name or background. It is also unknown if it was originally going to be a monster in the main series. Its symbolism also remains undisclosed.

Silent Hill 3

In Silent Hill 3, a creature similar to Fukuro Lady is seen in the elevator scene in Central Square Mall, riding a monster also similar to the one from the "Fukuro" film. The Fukuro-like creature is being chased and caught by Valtiel. Her voice is possibly heard as if she is suffering in deep pain. Heather is shocked by this particular scene and expresses her horror.

The Brookhaven Nurse shares some similarities with Fukuro, however, the Brookhaven Nurse is not to be mistaken with Fukuro, the major differences are that the Brookhaven Nurse wears green shoes accompanied by a nurse's cap, black gloves and a white top that is less dirty, but has her lower body fully exposed. While Fukuro who wears much more dark and dirtier clothes, no green heels and no nurse cap, she can be also sometimes seen wearing a mask like in the "Fukuro" movie.



Fukuro Lady shirt in Book of Memories.

  • Fukuro may be a scrapped monster that was meant to be included in Silent Hill 2.[citation needed] This may explain why she is in the Fukuro movie with Pyramid Head.
    • It is possible that Fukuro was intended to be another reflection of James Sunderland and his guilt or of his personality, similar to Pyramid Head's role.
    • Alternatively, its themes of sexuality and subjugation could reference James' sexual frustration and his opinion of Mary for withholding sex throughout her illness.
  • A figure similar to Fukuro Lady, known as the Brookhaven Nurse, can be seen in Silent Hill 3. However, Masahiro Ito confirmed that the Fukuro Lady and Brookhaven Nurse are not the same entity.[1]
  • In Silent Hill: Book of Memories, the male Raver class can wear a shirt with the Fukuro Lady on it.


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