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Frank Coleridge
Frank Coleridge in Silent Hill: Downpour

Cause of death
Organ failure as a result of his injuries by Sewell
Hair color
Eye color
Ryall State corrections officer
Silent Hill: Downpour
Anne's Story

Voice actor
"Frank" refers to multiple subjects. See Frank for more uses.
You can't undo what you've already done, but you can face up to it.
—Frank Coleridge to Murphy Pendleton

Frank Coleridge was a corrections officer working in Ryall State Prison during Murphy Pendleton's incarceration. He is a key role for Silent Hill: Downpour and the comic Anne's Story. He appears in Murphy's flashbacks, attempting to endorse Murphy's release from jail by presenting his case to the parole board. He believes that Murphy is different from the other prisoners because of his demeanor and clean record, and his constant pleads to the parole board makes Murphy believe that Frank is one of the only people who "never gave up on him".


Frank is known as an excellent cop and treats his inmates, friends, and family with the same amount of respect and has a reputation even among the inmates as being kind and just. His only qualm is with George Sewell, whom he knows is corrupt. He even warns Murphy to stay away from Sewell and his "deals" as they never end well.

Silent Hill: Downpour

Because of his upstanding morals and benevolence, Frank's image tends to act as Murphy's conscience. He can frequently be seen appearing in mirrors and offering advice. When Murphy runs from the Void, it is Frank's voice that acts as dialogue or advice. His mysterious appearances hint at Murphy's dual morality. Sewell represents Murphy's temptation encouraging him to walk the path of revenge, while Coleridge represents Murphy's conscience directing him down the path of redemption.

In the game's conclusion, it's revealed that he was the father of Anne Marie Cunningham. George Sewell made a deal with Murphy: in exchange for serving him Patrick Napier, Murphy would have to kill Frank, but Murphy could not bring himself to do it due to his great respect for him. After breaking their deal, Sewell proceeded to beat and stab Frank with a shiv and framed Murphy for the crime. Frank survived, but was left in a vegetative state and bound to a wheelchair. It is later revealed that he died sometime afterwards.

He also haunts Murphy as the Wheelman. The monster could symbolizes Murphy's guilt, since Murphy's deal with Sewell played a role in his eventual demise. Even when it's revealed that Murphy does not kill Frank ("Truth and Justice"/"Forgiveness" endings), Murphy still apologizes to Anne because his actions (seeking revenge on Napier) indrectly led to Frank's death. It is also possible that this manifestation is actually not of Murphy's mind, but Anne's instead, who blames Murphy for the result of what became of her father, and additionally because Murphy seems completely surprised to see that the Wheelman was indeed Frank.

In the "Full Circle" ending of the game, it's revealed Murphy did in fact murder Frank. In the "Truth and Justice" and "Forgiveness" endings, George Sewell is responsible for Frank's death. The epilogue of Anne's Story confirmed that the "Truth and Justice" ending is the canon ending.


  • Murphy's comment on Frank is: "What was it you saw in me? What's the point in helping just another screw up- constantly dismissed even by his loved ones- and yet you somehow found a reason to believe in me. Well, you shouldn't have done that, my friend. People believing in me tend to end up badly." By this comment, Murphy is probably referring to Charlie Pendleton's death as he was again unable to protect him.
  • Frank bears a resemblance to Frank Sunderland, who also shares his name.


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