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This is a complete map of Silent Hill, Maine, which shows the whole urban region, and especially the northern half, which is known as Paleville, (a region that includes Old Silent Hill, Central Silent Hill and the Resort Area) and the southern half, a region also known as South Vale. The two halves are separated by water body of Toluca Lake.

The map link also has been added to the following article to help players who are searching for a complete town map:

The map it self can be viewed directly from here:

The map was originally created by Guy on the Couch and delicately modified by SilentResi for Silent Hill Wiki to incorporate parts of the town introduced in Homecoming.

(The file is huge in size, as its scalled to the official scale size. Zooming is necessary so to be able to read it)


Sagan Street & Wein Street Issues


The only issues for the town map were, strangely, generated by the new game: Silent Hill: Homecoming, a game known for some mistakes it has done to some streets of the town of Silent Hill.

As you know, in the latest game, the "Silent Hill: Homecoming", Sagan Street (in Central Silent Hill) suddenly has been altered: the big street we know from all the previous games, suddenly has been DIVIDED in 2 smaller streets (as few junk and crap buildings have been built on it). Even if this occured, both the 2 portions streets that emerged from the division are still sharing the same old name "Sagan". Thus, the buildings that divided the original Sagan Street share the same old age and architecture with their neighboring buildings, proving the fact that the Sagan Steet, according to Homecoming, seemed ALWAYS divided, even in the time of Silent Hill 1 and Origins, but this theory is opposed an all the other games. (even in the Shattered Memories which comes after Homecoming, showing Sagan Street UNITED again.

This is a change which caused some confusion to the players who don't know about Silent Hill series well, but there are also players who are wondering "which Sagan Street is real one in general level?": the one in the games SH Origins, Silent Hill 1 and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories -OR- the one in SH: Homecoming?.

So for me was not very easy to decide.

Using logic and democratic terms, I have decided to show the Sagan street UNITED once more, as it was in all the previous games, thus in the coming Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, which is released after Homecoming (even if the time the events of SM occured is different than the time in Homecoming): There are 3 games (Silent Hill + Silent Hill Origins + Silent Hill: Shattered Memories) that had correct maps, vs 1 game (Silent Hill: Homecoming) which has incorrect map, so the majority wins.

So the map now shows Sagan Street united once more. Also Wein Street now exists once more again.

Sagan street's division in SH Homecoming probably was an accident of the new game's Developing Team (as you know, the game "Silent Hill Homecoming" is not developed anymore by -the famous to all the players- classic Silent Hill Developing Team that created all our favorite previous games: Silent Hill 1, SH 2, SH 3, SH 4 and SH Origins. So I guess the changes made to those 2 important streets (Sagan and Wein) by the new developing team where an accident.


The Artaud Theater's harmony with the Overlook Penitentiary


I hope next time the new SH Homecoming Developing Team will not repeat those mapping mistakes. I hope next time they will restore Wein Street and unite the Sagan Street. A great alteration to the "center" of the whole town (Central Silent Hill) is really not necessary. As the map I have released shows, the Central Silent Hill has plenty of space to host all the new buildings of "SH Homecoming" WITHOUT a need of removing Wein Street and dividing Sagan Street and removing landmarks of the game Silent Hill Origins. If you see, for example, Artaud Theater, a destination in SH Origins fits excellent with the new Overlook Penitentiary of SH Homecoming, without reducing the size of the theater or the penitentiary's building.

So, as I said, the removal of the amazing Artaud Theater from world's existence in SH Homecoming, broke my heart. Is the only theater of this type in the whole town.!!! Homecoming Developing Team should respect the buildings of the previous games. The whole town has plenty of space for new buildings without demolishing other.

As I love the Artaud Theater, I have expanded greatly its Wiki article. It now has more pictures, more info and details! The Artaud Theater must survive for any possible future supposes, like any other landmark of the town!!!


EDIT: Added about Wein Street plus seperated/categorized stuff.

It could have been a retcon, for some reason or other. Team Silent, regardless of fan opinion, do look over the new games and have an input into them, and would have provided the Homecoming team with original files, including maps and the like. Either way, nice work with the map. Looks great. --Faded-Myth 21:05, 20 July 2009 (UTC)
Actually, Origins wasn't developed by Team Silent, it was developed by Climax Studios, the same guys doing Shattered Memories. --Faded-Myth 21:49, 20 July 2009 (UTC)
Thanks Faded-Myth, yes, you are right, its Climax Studios that developed SH Origins. --SilentResi 21:57, 20 July 2009 (UTC)
No problemmo. Keep up the good work. --Faded-Myth 21:58, 20 July 2009 (UTC)
Good stuff, very well thought out. And nice work on the seamless additions to the map, looks great! I added info and a link so that the original artist/work would not go uncredited. Guy-onthe-Couch 20:39, 28 July 2009 (UTC)
Guy-onthe-Couch, I thank you very much, my dear friend. Thanks for adding the correct link to the original map. Yeah, we are now able to have a full scale map thanks to you. I hope my editions "match" well with the original map. However, I am gonna update the South Vale part of the map to include some notable shops and the South Silent Hill Post Office. Also gonna copy your Original's map new Compass to the modified one. I should note that you can, obviously, feel free to use or edit the modified map. Love ya! :-) --SilentResi 03:10, 29 July 2009 (UTC)
Great work on the map! I was just wondering exactly where sheperds glen is in respect to silent hill, but i do understand it would be difficult to put it in the one map as they are quite far away. Also one last note is the s in shell gas station intentionaly faded out? Necromundane 08:07, 14 August 2009 (UTC)
lol it seems that the "S" for Shell Gas Station probably is... silenced! We are in S-ilent Hill, you know. Strange things can always happen here... :-D. Hehe, we are gonna fix that soon. Thanks for the note :-) About Shepherd's Glen, I am not sure where exactly is, but is far from Silent Hill, as all the maps of Silent Hill, the road signs, etc, don't point to Shepherd's Glen location, which means that the small town of Shepherd's Glen isn't very near to Silent Hill.--SilentResi 22:24, 14 August 2009 (UTC)

Try putting Shepherd's Glen north of Central Silent Hill. It doesn't necessarily have to be connected to the town (unless Sagan St turns into Craven Ave when it goes north), but if you look at both maps it seems to fit the geography. There's an inlet north of where the "to interstate" sign is, and Toluca River in the southwest of the Shepherd's Glen map could perhaps be the continuation of the river that divides Old SH and Central SH on the main map. Also the reason it's not on any signs in SH is because Double Helix came up with it for Homecoming, and it didn't exist before that. Personally I'm more curious where Brahms is. Where do you get that Brahms is west of SH? Gutsdozer 06:03, July 1, 2011 (UTC)
I love that you made this! It is done very well too! The only concern I have is Silent Hill Forest/Woods. After SH4 its said that its down in the north-eastern part of South Vale where there are no buildings. I guess you dont have to put it there, but if you did that'd be something to add. Good work nonetheless! WhiteClaudia 22:35, October 2, 2011 (UTC)

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