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Item Flauros
The Flauros
"Pyramid-shaped object found in the church. Purpose and use unknown."
Plot item only
Balkan Church
Silent Hill
Silent Hill: Origins
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (cameo)

The Flauros is an important item in the Silent Hill series. Though first introduced in Silent Hill, chronologically the Flauros first appears in Silent Hill: Origins.


According to a memo found in Silent Hill: Origins, the first recorded use of the Flauros was in the writings of a poet named Chang Ch'ien, advisor to the early Han Dynasty of China. It was, jokingly, claimed by Ch'ien that he could trap demons in his "three-sided box". When he died, the Flauros disappeared. Later, it was said to have come into the possession of a Lutheran monk who claimed that it could control and amplify thought. He also claimed it to be of holy origin, connecting it to God, rather than being linked to a demon.

The Flauros is mentioned in occult works such as The Lesser Key of Solomon and Pseudomonarchia Daemonum. Flauros, known by other names such as Haures and Flavros, is placed as a high-ranking demon, a Great Duke in the hierarchy of Hell, where he governs 36 legions of fallen spirits. Fitting to his representation in the Silent Hill series, Flauros, in The Lesser Key of Solomon, is described as a demon capable of seeing one's past, present and future. However, he may also deceive and lie, and unless he is commanded into a magic triangle, only then will he speak the truth.

Silent Hill: Origins


The Flauros glowing after Travis's encounter with Alessa's Dream.

Used by Dahlia Gillespie originally to amplify the rampant psychic abilities of her daughter Alessa (possibly to help in the ritual to birth her cult's god), she later uses it as a device to contain Alessa's power; once contained she separates it into its five component pieces, Past, Present, Future, Truth and Falsehood, and hides them. Shortly after rescuing Alessa from a fire in her home (which in truth had been a ritual started by Dahlia in order to bring about the revival of her cult's god), Travis Grady is forced into the overlapping realms of the Fog World and the Otherworld in an effort to recombine the pieces of the Flauros, and stop Dahlia's plans.


Travis holding the Flauros.

Facing down the ghosts of his past, and the horrific manifestations of Silent Hill, Travis is able to reconstruct the device and heads off to bring a stop to the Order's plan; a ritual that is intended to complete the revival of God and is being conducted within the hidden areas of the Green Lion Antiques shop. Michael Kaufmann, an intimate confidant of the Order, attempts to prevent Travis from interfering any further by sedating him. As Travis lays prone on the ground, he is drawn into a nightmarish confrontation with an entity that may have been imprisoned within the Flauros.

When the demonic entity is defeated, barbed wire lashes out of the Flauros and ensnares it, drawing it back into the ancient device. The Flauros then falls to the ground and the nightmare ends. As the ritual continues, the Flauros begins to levitate and it unleashes a stream of energy at Alessa. As the stream fades out, a small form is seen above her, making noise.

Piece locations

Future Piece

  • Located in the Otherworld iteration of Alchemilla Hospital, on the first floor in the Doctor's Office.

Past Piece

  • Located in the Otherworld iteration of the Cedar Grove Sanitarium, on the first floor in Female Seclusion.
    • Momma must be defeated before this piece can be obtained.

Falsehood Piece

  • Located in the Otherworld iteration of the Artaud Theater, on the cave stage.
    • A Caliban must be defeated before this piece can be obtained.

Truth Piece

  • Located in the Otherworld iteration of the Riverside Motel, in room 500.
    • Sad Daddy must be defeated before this piece can be obtained.

Present Piece

  • Located in the Storage Box Room underneath Alchemilla Hospital.

Silent Hill

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Harry obtaining the Flauros.

Harry Mason finds this in Balkan Church; it is given to him by Dahlia Gillespie, who calls the Flauros a "cage of peace" and also claims it can "counteract the wrath of the underworld". When Harry confronts Alessa at Lakeside Amusement Park, it automatically activates, striking Alessa down, badly weakening her. Alessa's world begins to fall apart as she loses control of it after the Flauros is used on her, resulting in Lisa Garland's strange behavior and the creation of Nowhere. The Flauros disappears after its use and isn't seen again.

Silent Hill: Play Novel

The Flauros is referenced in a note in the Play Novel.

Page 4 (Flauros and key on altar)
The Flauros.
That is certainly what that woman had called this.
I try picking it up.
And then I place it back on top of the desk right away.

Page 5
It is power.
The overwhelming power of the gods rests inside this four-sided object.
It was a sensation like an electrical current passing into the palm of my hand, and then power moving throughout every nook and cranny in my body.

Page 6
I pick it up once more.
This time I calmly take it into my hand and then place it in my pocket.
For some reason I am convinced that this object will help me find Cheryl.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories


The Flauros on the shelf.

The Flauros makes a cameo in the UFO Ending on Dr. Kaufmann's shelf.



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