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SH1 Flashlight
Harry Mason's flashlight
One touch on/off switch. In the chest pocket.
Brightens up dark areas
Silent Hill: Origins
Silent Hill
Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 3
Silent Hill: Homecoming
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Silent Hill: Downpour


Along with the radio, the flashlight is a staple item of the Silent Hill series, and serves as a useful tool to enhance the level of fear induced in the player by providing a small quantity of light in very dark environments.

It is also essential in some cases to have the flashlight switched on to be able to use keys, pick up items or even check a map if there is not adequate lighting available. Doing so however may attract the attention of certain monsters, such as some variants of the Nurses, which are naturally drawn to light.

Silent Hill 4: The Room is thus far the only game to not feature the flashlight. The Born from a Wish scenario also doesn't feature the flashlight.

The flashlight is similar in design across the series. Small, metal and gray, it is a swivel-head model and can be attached to a breast pocket, which is where it is worn in the games. It can be toggled on and off either by the press of an allocated controller button, or by going into the inventory screen.

The flashlight has unlimited battery power in all games, although in Silent Hill 2, the player must insert a new battery upon entering a specific room.


Silent Hill

The flashlight is found in the first game inside Cafe 5to2 on the counter near the map , shortly after Harry Mason first arrives in Old Silent Hill.

Silent Hill 2


James's flashlight

James Sunderland finds the flashlight on a mannequin (wearing Mary's dress) in room 205 of Wood Side Apartments. Picking it up will awaken a sleeping Mannequin behind the doll.

A good example of the flashlight's necessity is when James must draw his own map of an area since an existing one is not available. To do so, James needs to be able to see what he is drawing on, thus the flashlight fulfills its purpose by illuminating his activity.

The flashlight's battery runs out of energy in the room filled with Creepers. It breaks in the alternate Lakeview Hotel.

Silent Hill 3

SilentHill3 Flashlight

Heather's flashlight

Heather Mason finds the flashlight in the storeroom of the Central Square Shopping Center. Ironically, Heather must turn the storeroom light off to find it.

Heather also sees a version of the same flashlight in her dream of Lakeside Amusement Park at the start of the game.

Silent Hill: Origins


The pocket flashlight used by Travis.

Travis Grady begins the game with both the flashlight and radio already on hand. Its use is identical to that in the previous games. Use of the flashlight (and simply beating the game) grants the player special options on further playthroughs of the game.

  • Stalker Outfit - Use the flashlight for less then 3 hours during play.
  • Flashlight Filter - Upon finishing the game, the light of the flashlight can be changed by using a Flashlight Filter in the "Extra Options" menu. The shapes are a smiley face, soccer ball, jack-o-lantern, or the Halo of the Sun.

Silent Hill: Homecoming

Homecoming Flashlight

Alex's flashlight

Alex Shepherd gets the flashlight from his bed in his house. Alex also briefly has the flashlight at the very start of the game when he is in Alchemilla Hospital. While the flashlight serves its purpose, it illuminates very little and all of the environments in Homecoming are very dark. At the end of the game Alex gives his flashlight to Joshua Shepherd. It resembles a flashlight briefly handled by Jacob Singer in the 1990 psychological thriller film Jacob's Ladder.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories


Harry using his flashlight

The flashlight appears in the re-imagining of the first Silent Hill game. However, instead of having it inserted into Harry Mason's jacket, he now carries it in his hand. The flashlight doesn't take the form of a pocket flashlight but a regular flashlight.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories features a new system where the player can physically move the flashlight instead of turning the protagonist to see. The Wii Remote is used as the flashlight, and moving the Wii Remote around also moves Harry's flashlight in the corresponding movement. Turning off the Flashlight will help Harry to escape from Raw Shocks and make him harder to see, while simultaneously making it harder for the player to see.

Silent Hill: Downpour


After the bus crash, Murphy Pendleton can find a flashlight next to a dead man in the forest. Flashlights can be held in hand or clipped onto Murphy's belt. While clipped onto Murphy's belt, it illuminates the area directly in front of him, much like the earlier versions do. However, when it is held in hand, the player can aim the flashlight using the analog stick, much like Shattered Memories. This allows for precise movements with the flashlight and direct illumination if desired.

There are two types of flashlight.


"A heavy utility flashlight with a long handle."

Forensic Flashlight

"A special police flashlight with two modes: Forensic UV and LED Spotlight."

Silent Hill film

2006 silent hill 007

Cybil Bennett

The flashlight makes an appearance in the Silent Hill film. Rose first finds the flashlight in Midwich Elementary School inside of a drawer.

Later in the movie, an Order Soldier gives Rose a 'heavy duty' type of flashlight. She uses it to get through a pack of Nurses blocking her path to Alessa Gillespie in Alchemilla Hospital.

Cybil Bennett carries two flashlights during the film, one of them being a handheld and one a clip-on for her uniform's shoulder strap.

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