Fitch coat of arms

The Fitch family coat of arms.

The Fitch Family is one of the four founding families of Shepherd's Glen, whose original founding member was Cornelius Fitch. They were given the duty of Performer of Rites and were to sacrifice their children to the knife by dismemberment. This is done to maintain the pact held with the Order and their god.


With the truth of the old believers fractured, it is essential that one person maintain and effectuate the modern sectarian rites we have toiled so faithfully to create and protect. After taking up the mantle of this post, The Performer of Rites shall make a pilgrimage to the edge of the forsaken region to purify himself from the sins of the past. There he will beseech the forefathers for forgiveness and understanding. In God's name, so shall it be.

The Fitchs' emblem depicts a Rod of Asclepius. The Rod of Asclepius is associated with medicine and healing, it relates to Martin Fitch's role as the doctor in town. The serpent wrapped around a knife or dagger could relate to the method of sacrifice used by the family: mutilation.



Cornelius Fitch, the town's butcher.

  • Cornelius Fitch (1817 - 1878)
  • Theodore Fitch (1844 - 1853) - son of Cornelius
  • Andrew Fitch (1855 - 1887)
  • Elizabeth Fitch (married into family, wife of Andrew) (1857 - 1897)
  • Regina Fitch (daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth) (1877 - 1923)
  • Stephen Fitch (son of Andrew and Elizabeth) (???? - ????+7)
  • Rose Fitch (???? - 1903)
  • Rusty Fitch (???? - 1953)
  • Martin Fitch (1952 - 2007)
  • Scarlet Fitch (daughter of Martin) (???? - 2003)


  • "Theodore" means "gift of God". Theodore Fitch was the first Fitch family sacrifice and was a "gift" to god.
  • "Rose", "Rusty," and "Scarlet" are all thematically linked by the color red. This may be a reference to the blood shed by Fitch family sacrifices.

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