Fire Guardian
Silent Hill: Book of Memories
Other appearances

Fire Dungeon Boss Zone
after Zone 3
Attack methods
Fire blast (AoE)
Fire ring

The Fire Guardian is a boss in Silent Hill: Book of Memories. The player will encounter this boss after completing Zone 3.

The player will be rewarded with the Fire Sword after defeating this boss.


The Fire Guardian is a large beast in many ways resembling a stereotypical fire demon. Its muscular physique is covered in scales, and he has four prominent horns on its head. Beneath its first set of arms are pincer-shaped protrusions that act similarly to a second set of limbs. Its ribs protrude from the abdomen.


The monster attacks by spewing flamethrowers from its hand, by leaping around its lair, and by summoning a large blast of fire from within its body. When it is using its flamethrowing, a fiery ring encircles its location to prevent it from taking damage.


The Fire Guardian symbolizes the subconscious resolution of Derek Copeland. Their battle is a metaphorical one; symbolizing the struggle between the player's will and Derek's, both attempting to assert their dominance over the other in order to change reality.



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