Emilie's corpse
Around 35-45 years

Cause of death
Hair color
Eye color
Silent Hill: Mobile 3

Voice actor
For the character from Silent Hill: The Arcade, see Emilie Anderson.
This is your destiny... Do it! We don't have so much time, if you don't, other people will take part of this hell. DO IT!
—Alessa to Emilie

Emilie is a character in Silent Hill: Mobile 3. She is a survivor of the massacre that occurred at Sheppard's Orphanage because she was ill at the time and away from others for treatment.

Silent Hill: Mobile 3

Emilie wakes up in an abandoned mansion in the Otherworld (which is later revealed to be the mansion where Karen lived) with no memory of how she got there. Emilie hears a voice who tells her "you need to save it" and "is dying". Shortly after, she is attacked by one of the creatures that roam the place, and after the fight, Alessa's voice sends her to kill all of the monsters. After a series of struggles, Emilie then hears Alessa's voice telling her to return to the real world.

After a shift to the real world, Emilie ends up in a dining room, where she once again hears Alessa's voice and the two converse. During the conversation, Emilie hears a groan (Vincent) and questions Alessa about it who replies, "That's the man you must save." After asking how, Alessa instructs Emilie to suicide using a holy knife found previously in the mansion. Emilie refuses at first, but Alessa reveals to her that all of the monsters killed earlier were created by Karen from the spirits of children killed in the massacre and that when Emilie killed them, they met in her body. If she were to suicide, it would release the spirits allowing them to revive Vincent. Emilie still refuses, but eventually agrees when Alessa tells her that if she does not, other innocent people would end up dying.

In the final scene of the game, Alessa explains to Vincent that all those who died in the orphanage are not really dead, and still lived as spirits and were "sleeping" and Alessa needed all orphans, including Emilie, dead so she could "wake up" and that her intention to revive Vincent was so that he would kill Karen.


  • A scene (when Emilie leaves the Otherworld to the normal world) suggests that besides Alessa, all other orphans, including Emilie, have agreed to end the nightmare.

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