This is a list of all of the death sequences (or scenes) in the Silent Hill series.

Silent Hill


Silent Hill 2

  • There are no death sequences in Silent Hill 2.

Silent Hill 3


  • Dangerous tracks - If Heather Mason tries to walk on the subway tracks at the end of the platform, she will automatically be hit by a train.
  • Subway ghost - Heather is pushed onto the subway tracks by a ghost. If she doesn't get on the platform in time, she will be hit by a train.
  • Red door - On the subway tracks, Heather must examine a red door. A sound of a horn is heard, several dogs appear, and if Heather doesn't get on the platform in time, she will be hit by a train.
  • Moving train death - Inside the moving train, if Heather attempts to head towards the back of the train, she will accidentally fall down.
  • Sewer Monster - If Heather attempts to cross the sewer bridge without electrocuting it with the hairdryer first, a monster's tentacle will grab Heather's leg and drag her underwater where she drowns.
  • Roller coaster - If Heather doesn't turn off the switch for the roller coaster, it will hit her.
  • Claudia - If Heather attempts to attack Claudia Wolf instead of using the Aglaophotis (Pendant), she will instantly die, giving birth to God. This will also occur if she doesn't use the Aglaophotis in time.

Other deaths

  • Falling down any type of hole will suddenly kill Heather.
  • If Heather doesn't slaughter the horses on the carousel in time, they will all breathe out a dangerous gas that will instantly kill her.
  • Mirror room - In the hospital, if Heather stays in the mirror room too long, blood will gather on her body and she will die.
  • Red mist - In the Borley Haunted Mansion, if the red light catches up to Heather, she will instantly die.
  • Ceiling trap - In the Borley Haunted Mansion, if the difficulty setting is on Hard and Heather doesn't crouch, she will be killed by the ceiling trap.

Silent Hill 4: The Room


Silent Hill: Homecoming

  • In the nightmare hospital, if the player fails to repeatedly press the Action button when reaching for the Robbie Rabbit toy in the mirror, Alex Shepherd's arm will be severed, where he instantly passes out due to the shock.
  • If a Feral leaps on Alex and the player doesn't respond immediately, the Feral will rip out his throat, causing immediate death.
  • If a Schism grabs Alex, it will rip Alex in half from the waist if it isn't dealt with.
  • The Sepulcher can squish Alex, but Alex will still stand as if he were hit normally by a common enemy.
  • When the player doesn't dodge Scarlet's attacks, she will grab Alex by both arms and bite his head off.
  • If Asphyxia grabs hold of Alex by his arms, she will hold him close to her as she sucks the air from his lungs, causing Alex to die of asphyxiation.
  • When Alex is tortured by Margaret Holloway, the player must succeed with quick time events: If the player fails during the Judge's drilling of Alex's leg, he will die of shock, and if the player fails as the Judge attempts to drill Alex's head, he dies gruesomely, befitting that manner. This death scene was removed from the game before it was released to certain countries, due to their strict laws on violence.

Silent Hill: Downpour

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