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The Dark Nurses appears both in the Silent Hill film and the sequel Silent Hill: Revelation.


They wear low-cut tops and short skirts, and their faces are deformed.

Their design are influenced by the Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill 2 since they are also nurses of Brookhaven Hospital.

Silent Hill


Dark Nurses in Brookhaven's basement.

In Brookhaven Hospital's basement, which has been strongly affected by the Otherworld, they are huddled in a group, frozen in place in bent and strange positions, each clutching a weapon, such as a pipe or knife.

Rose Da Silva shines her light toward them, causing them to twitch and stomp in suit, forming rows facing her, as if in an army. They begin to shuffle toward her, bending backwards and sideways, making sickly crackling sounds as they move. Their movements are rigid and almost mechanical, with short, sharp intervals in between each movement. Rose then turns off her light, realizing that is what attracts them, causing them to freeze in place yet again.

Silent Hill - Nurse's scene02:18

Silent Hill - Nurse's scene

Rose encountering the Dark Nurses in the basement.

She creeps toward them, sneaking through the group of creatures, but is found out. One blade-wielding nurse lashes out, missing Rose and cutting the throat of a nurse nearby. The nurse continues to turn in circles, slashing blindly and violently but striking with murderous precision the other nurses around her. Rose, in the ensuing havoc, takes the chance to escape, leaving her light switched on upon the ground: maybe she did this out of pity, diverting the creatures' attention to stop that horrible rampage.



Lisa Garland as the "Red Nurse".

The film nurses likely represent Alessa Gillespie's twisted view of her own nurse, Lisa Garland.

Their lack of faces could mean that Alessa never became close to any of the nurses at the hospital and that they were essentially "faceless" to her.

They could also symbolize envy, since Alessa would eventually realize she would never grow up into a "beautiful" woman, due to her extremely burned and charred skin and disfigured body, which remained as such even 30 years later. To give the nurses a taste of her own horror and despair, Alessa dragged them into Otherworld and turned them into monsters. This could be why the nurses appear somewhat sexualized, showing off a little cleavage as symbols of womanhood and femininity, which is one of the core themes of the film.

Silent Hill: Revelation


The Nurses in Brookhaven Asylum.

Silent Hill Revelation 3D (2012) - Clip Nurse Scene01:39

Silent Hill Revelation 3D (2012) - Clip Nurse Scene

The Nurses attack Heather and Vincent.

The nurses appear in the film's sequel Silent Hill: Revelation, in a room of Brookhaven Asylum where Vincent Cooper is being held captive by two members of the Order. They appear identical to the Dark Nurses in the prequel. They only move when there are sounds, and make orgasmic noises as they move. They will only stop moving when there are no more sounds and will freeze in place.

When the Order Soldiers enter the room, they use stun rods to keep the nurses away, however, they are overwhelmed and killed anyway. Heather Mason appears and frees Vincent, and the two manage to escape the nurses.

In the black-and-white credit sequence, the Mannequin Monster is seen assaulting a group of Dark Nurses.


The nurses are likely a representation of Alessa growing up in the form of Heather, who has now discovered that she is attracted to a man for the first time.

It is also possible that, because Heather is attracted to Vincent, the nurses could represent Heather being possessive of him. The nurses have attractive bodies but lack faces, and thus no personality and identity. This could allude to Heather's possible fear of losing him to other women she may perceive as "all looks and no personality".

They can also be seen as a resurfacing of Alessa's memories of her hospitalization in Brookhaven Hospital.


Silent Hill

Silent Hill: Revelation

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